It’s Great to Have High Speed Internet

We live in the country.  Until recently, high speed internet was not available.  About 2 weeks ago, we subscribed.  We have enjoyed watching YouTube videos and other things that we had been unable to enjoy.

However, the highlight of having high speed came today when I could watch my dear Uncle LIVE from the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.  In addition to being honored as a Nashville Cat, he was also inducted into the National Thumb Pickers Hall of Fame in 2009.

Today, my Uncle Chip Young was interviewed at the Country Music Hall of Fame as a “Nashville Cat.”   He was, and still is, a studio guitarist beginning in the 1950’s.   It was so fun to watch!   Many great stories I’d never heard.

I knew that he picked with one of his best friends, whom he grew up with,  Jerry Reed.   In fact, I think I posted the link on Ebay for the model airplane that Jerry and my Uncle built and auctioned for charity a few years ago.

Others that I did know about was Dolly Parton, The Gatlins, Oak Ridge Boys, and Elvis.  Many others that I didn’t know about… including George Straight, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom T. Hall, Reba and so many others.

Perhaps his most famous (of which I did know) was the guitar lick in the middle and at the end of Billy Swan’s 1976 hit “I Can Help” My Uncle picked the lick, and produced and engineered the album in his little studio in Murfreesboro, TN. At 72 years old he is still amazing to watch- he can still make the guitar strings come to life!