Then and Now

Oftentimes I’ll tease around the house and sing the “Enjoli” commericial from the 70’s.  You know “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan…”  So Bubba asked to hear the song.  I have high- speed (whoohoo!)  so I popped over to you tube.

So we found Peggy Lee and Johnny Cash singing the original song… ”

I’m a woman”

And we found Helen Reddy

“I am Woman”

And then I couldn’t help but think about Billy Swan’s

“I Can Help”

And it got me to thinking about current T.V. shows and commercials that make men out to be complete idiots.

Even in 1975 the United Nations “Year of the Woman”  and in the middle of the ERA movement and bra burning, men were still allowed to be men.  And women still needed their men.

Today… women WANT to be the men and have absolutely no use for ANY man!

Of course that’s not the truth for ALL women, but that’s what progress is supposed to mean.   These days those of us that actually want men in our lives, need men in our lives, in our homes, to be our husband’s and daddy’s are supposedly oppressed.

Give me this kind of oppression ANY day!

I love my MAN!