Don’t Tread on Me

I am not an “official”  member of the TEA party.  However I am a patriot and I don’t like the direction this country is headed!

One of the books we are reading for American history right now is This Country of Ours.  It is a part of Ambleside Online’s cirriculum.  Right now, we are reading the many chapters about Washington, Lee,  Benedict Arnold, Molly Pitcher, and others that fought to make this country FREE.  Many men and women have fought to keep that freedom since that time.

As one website states:  “The meaning of “Don’t Tread on Me” is unmistakable”

Here are some other websites that tell about the history of this unmistakable flag of our past:

First Navy Jack


Gadsden Flag

This last site also has suggestions for where to purchase “Don’t Tread on Me” products, like T-shirts, bumper stickers and hats.  Come to think of it, I am ready for a new bumper sticker!