I Absolutely Disagree!

I’m just getting around to catching up on reading blogs.  I greatly admire Dr. Laura.  I agree with her about 90% of the time… truth be told, probably even more than that, but on this post, I ABSOLUTELY disagree.

The synopsis of the post is about a call she received on the radio program about a lady that was house-sitting for her sister while she had her 2nd baby.  The house was filthy, an absolute disaster! This lady was calling to find out what to do about it.

Dr. Laura’s counsel… call DFS and the health department.

This is Dr. Laura’s quote that really gets my goat.

“No one in this whole situation outside of my caller gave a d*mn about the children.  I applaud and support her.  She’ll need it.  Doing the right thing usually comes with a price.  Maybe that’s why so many people avoid it.”

Sorry Dr. Laura,  I agree with you that something needs to be done, but to say that “no one” gave a da*mn about the children is going to far.

Then suggesting a call to DFS where those 2 children will be removed by force from the only home they have ever known by some 20 something Miss Thing that is ready to save the world…

Pl u eeeeeeeeeze.

Give me a break.

To imply or insinuate that the state gives a d*mn about those children is more proposturous than saying the family didn’t!  Calling the state should be the LAST step in a situation like this not the first.

Have you Dr. Laura had to subject your child to interrogation, and leading questions without your being present, not knowing what a state employee was saying to your child?  I have known a few families where this has happened, including a licensed foster family that was not believed over the angry foster child.   These families were in fact innocent of any wrongdoing, but were treated as they were guilty until they proved they were innocent, by multiple meetings, interviews, psych evals, etc.

Have you Dr. Laura, had to deal with a child so full of rage and anger at being picked up and moved without any of their belongings, sometimes multiple placements in a short amount of time, and never a place to truly call home?  I have had to deal with some of this.  I also know of other situations firsthand and have read extensively about other situations.  I personally know  children that were permanently damaged and one that even ended his life. (that would be the young person that was in the foster home I mentioned above-the child was removed from that good foster home because the first line of action is to remove the child if any accusation occurs).

Instead of sending the children mentioned in your blog post to the dogs, and yes I mean that, and possibly permanently ruin their lives, why not suggesting to the caller that she offer to help clean the house since she is there house-sitting?

Why not offer to tell the new mother that something needs to be changed at home first? Why not offer to keep the children for a few weeks so the new mom can have an opportunity to redeem herself and clean the house, before destroying the family.

If possible, the parents and her could go in together for a month of housekeeping.

Hire a carpet cleaner?

How about offering to  clean house for a month while the new mother adjusts to having 2 children instead of stripping that mother from her children, and those children from the mother and thereby, destroying a family.

I do not deny that this mother needs help.  But destroying her family, immediate and extended is NOT the way to bring about positive change.