The Confederate Flag

The Stars and Bars is a symbol everyone recognizes.  It is a controversial symbol because some people have decided to make it controversial.  Well on second thought, maybe, it has long been a controversial symbol… it was the Confederate battle flag and the first flag flown over The Confederate States of America.  Some people see this as a controversial war over slavery.  Most people believe that.  However, the bigger issue was over states rights.  Most people make the war’s one issue slavery.  That’s just not true. Slavery was almost an addendum to the states rights issues.  Should states be allow to make their own decisions regarding slavery?  But…

I am not here to argue over that.

I’m here to give my opinion on the Stars and Bars.

I grew up in the south.  Southern born and raised. (except for the little influence my yankee momma could give me around all those rebs).  I am proud to be a GRITS. (Girl Raised in the South).  I grew up with the “rebel” flag.  My Daddy was born and raised in Georgia.  In the country… which is now a stones throw from the Atlanta airport, but back then, they had chickens, cows, etc.

I attended West High School in Knoxville, TN.  We were the West High Rebels.  And our school symbol was the Rebel flag.  Now, I can’t remember if it was the “official” symbol.  But I do remember having a West High T-shirt with “the” flag proudly displayed, these many years later.  At the least it was  an accepted symbol at that time.   I truly don’t remember if it was the official symbol, I don’t remember another though.

Now, that symbol does not exist.  I can find no record of it ever having been a symbol for my high school.   It may have been an unofficial symbol, just as it is at the Sullivan South High School in Kingport TN

I don’t know when it was discarded, but I can speculate as to why, considering the school is now labeled as a top high school by Newsweek and a top 10 in the state.  And proudly sports a “Gay Straight Alliance” club alongside  their newest “Black Studies Student Alliance”  club.  (Yep, those clubs should go a long way to bring people together, but that’s another topic)

On a bunny trail, Kudos to the school administrators of the Sullivan South High School for seeing the Confederate Flag  what it is, and not a symbol of hate.  I think their solution is a reasonable one.

Anybody remember “The Dukes of Hazard?”  I dated a guy in high school that had a ’66 Impala with a rebel flag painted on top.  Was I racist?  NO!  I just thought the guys car was cool… that was about all he had 🙂

Today, I was reading a news article on

It was an article projecting Jim DeMint’s appeal in the 2012 Presidental race.

A comment was posted about the Rebel flag by tuffred1…here is his quote:

“Jim DeMint will never become an American President because of the image that shadows over him, the CONFEDERATE FLAG, A SYMBOL OF HATE!”
First, The flag behind Mr. DeMint was NOT a confederate flag, it was  clearly the U.S. Flag!  And while I realize that there are many that use the flag as a symbol of hate, (somewhere I saw a quote of 500 groups), it is NOT that any more than using the rainbow is a symbol of homosexuality.
Second, it is a symbol that has been stolen by hatemongers to represent hate.
Because we are a colorful family, we have been apologized to by people that have thought we’d be offended at rebel flags worn by OTHER people to gatherings they’ve hosted.  One guy  wore a baseball cap with a rebel flag on it, the poor host almost came unglued because he had clearly had received too much diversity training and thought we might be offended because we have black children.
Good grief!  In our effort to be accepting, we’ve alienated people, and changed our history.
Don’t we have bigger issues to worry about than the rebel flag?
Recently, I changed my FB profile picture to the Gadsden flag.
Maybe it’s time for a new flag to profile …
if you have a problem with that, then maybe you need to lighten up!
IF I change it, I fly it as a symbol of my Southern heritage, not because I hate black people…for heaven’s sake I have black children.
Could it be that someone, somewhere, decided to stir the pot many years ago, and started a story that the Stars and Bars was a symbol of hate and now we have accepted it. I refuse to allow hatemongers to take a symbol of my heritage, and of our country’s heritage and past.
Watch out…they’re doing the same thing in Philly with the Liberty Bell.   I saw that firsthand when we brought home Foxboy.

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