Kicked Back…Great Homeschool Conventions

Beloow is an email I wrote and tried to send to Great Homeschool Conventions regarding the elimination of Ken Ham and AIG at the Cincinnati convention.  Great Homeschool Conventions, have closed comments on their facebook page, deleted comments expressing disappointment at their decision, and have not published a public comment about their decision.  Ken Ham, on the other hand, has been very forthright, even posting the email he received telling him that he was dis-invited.    I have no expectation that I’ll get a response.   I might get some negative comments here, but I wholeheartedly agree that it is Biblical to point out false teachers and those who support them.
To Whom it Concerns:
My family and I drove over from Kansas City, MO attended your conference
last year and greatly enjoyed it. We considered doing it this year, and
I am glad we did not! I have read the information presented regarding
your uninviting Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis, as Answers in Genesis
has been very forthright in posting information, and posting it in it’s
entirety. My family has had relations with Ken Ham for 20 years, since
he came from Australia on his first visit to the U.S. And we have never
heard him personally attack anyone. We have however, heard him attack
false doctrine and name people that teach false doctrine, as he did when
he spoke against Mr. Enns.

I am curious about many things and would greatly appreciate a response
concerning these issues.

1. Why have you failed to issue your public statement at this point
it’s been nearly 24 hours since your “uninvitation”?
2.. Why are your comments disabled on your facebook page? And the
comments expressing disappointment been removed?
3. Why are you allowing a “ministry” with KNOWN false doctrine to
present at your conference?
4. Why did you expect anything less from Ken Ham?
5. Why are you falsely accusing Mr. Ham of “personally” attacking Mr.
Enns, Mrs. Wise-Bauer, and Mr. Wyle?
6. Why did you not go directly to Mr. Ham and Answers in Genesis, and
follow the Biblical mandate for handling such issues instead of sending
and email?
7. Why is Mr. Ham still on the website as a speaker at your event?

Sirs, I find it hard to believe that you could prayerfully conclude that
it is better to keep a false teacher on your schedule and turn away
someone of the caliber of Ken Ham. Furthermore, this has given fuel to
the world to further condemn Christianity… terrible, terrible
testimony on your part.

I anxiously await your reply. (quite seriously, I doubt I’ll get a
reply, but it would be a pleasant surprise)

Christine Richardson