In Other News…

I have taken a Facebook sabbatical.  And amazingly I don’t miss it.  I had many reasons for doing so, the first of which is that I find it to be an amazingly UNsocial network.  Backbiting, bickering, retaliation in posts, not necessarily aimed at me (although one recent one was).  Unfriending people because they say something that needs to be said, or in innocence.    AND tell me who in this world has 1202 FRIENDS?  I didn’t think so….

Also, my dear hubby, Shane shared with me a conversation he had with one of his clients recently.   This person mentioned that they thought those with a Reformed view of theology left their children on their own to figure out God… WHAT?  Persons of Reformed leaning take a Covanental view of Scripture and are convicted to teach their children about God’s saving grace.  I have never met a Reforming Christian that believes otherwise.  Maybe it’s because we don’t think we have to “present the Gospel” at every turn.  Or maybe it’s because we don’t  take responsibility persay for their salvation.  It is our job to teach, and God’s job to save.