A DREAM fulfilled

I fulfilled a 33 year old dream 2 weeks ago!  I went Road Racing at Road Atlanta!  My family (Shane, the children, dad, mom, and in-laws) chipped in to purchase me a gift certificate for Skip Barber racing school… Intro to Racing course.  It included some classroom time, and 1 hour on the track in an open wheel formula car.

Here’s me scared to death… thinking “what in the WORLD am I doing here”

How did a home educating Mom of 4 get on the track at Road Atlanta?

A long time ago in a land far away (yes, the southeast is far away from the metro of Kansas City, MO).  I traveled with my Uncle and a friend to many Road tracks in the southeast. I crewed for him, mainly at that age it meant keeping times.   I fell in LOVE.  There is nothing like the smell of racin fuel, rubber and heat in the summer!  Several years later, I ran into some guys that road raced, and I was back at Road Atlanta and all the other places I loved.

I also started autocrossing at this time and had a blast.  I drove a tricked out VW Scirroco that was street legal.  But it was FAST and I held my own against the guys!  (no other girls).

So, life moved on, God called me to himself, and I stopped autocrossing and going to the races…a good thing because it could have been my god instead of  The God.  I met the love of my life, married and had 4 children.

But, I never forgot my dream…

and neither did Shane…


2 thoughts on “A DREAM fulfilled

  1. I have many secrets, lol. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture of my tricked out VW. I LOVED that car! It was FUN and FAST, and far, far away from a minivan or Suburban, lol! I was thinking the other day that it will only be a few more years and we’ll be down to 2 children…maybe then I can get a cute little car again 🙂


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