No Tailspin!

I don’t know if any of my former followers are still reading my blog… it’s been so long since I have posted on a regular basis that I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re all gone.  Also, it seems that google reader didn’t seem able to keep up when HSB changed formats… but nonetheless, I’m going to continue to blog here for now.  I am hoping to find old friends and make new ones.

Two weeks ago, we made a massive trip though the southeastern part of our country.  We stayed in 5 different places during our 10 day trip.  We spent about 35 hours in the car traveling during that 10 days.   Only one place, my dad’s, was familiar to us.   We stayed in 2 different hotels, at my cousin’s place, and with a dear friend from my college days.

For those of you that may not know, we brought our youngest boy home from New Jersey state when he was 3 years old.  He came with MUCHO baggage.  He was one ANGRY little boy.  I won’t go into the details, but let me just summarize by saying he turned our entire home upside down for several years.  A couple of years ago, we finally got  over the last hump.  He was able to forgive his birthmother for poisoning him with drugs and alcohol while she was pregnant.  His out of control anger disappeared.

So back to this trip.  Part of Little Bit’s struggle was surrounded by people coming or going… that meant when we had out of town company, he would react, when we went on trips, he’d react.  He spent much time standing in corners in hotels, or pitching fits as the rest of tried to enjoy whatever activity we were doing.   But this trip… he ENJOYED!   There was not ONE incident, not one temper tantrum, not one rage of anger.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this because  the fruit of God’s hand has come full circle.  I know my precious son has been healed!

Attachement issues with adoptive children are not uncommon.  They can be extremely difficult to deal with, and even harder to overcome.  I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father that has willed it to be that our precious boy has overcome so much in his life so far.  I pray that he will grow in stature and grace in the Lord.

If you have a child with attachment issues, please know that all is not lost, there is hope.  Please email me if I can offer encouragement to you in your dark days.


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  1. HI.. I’ve just re-started blogging on my blog too…

    I have a friend here who does an Attachment camp for parents with children with RAD.. I don’t know if she’s planning another camp this year or not, but her name is Marie Sherwood and I think you can find her if you search for Shalom Ranch or RAD camp in Saskatchewan. – BUT, it sounds like you and your family have lovingly re-attached this young boy and through Yah’s love, he has turned his heart to you. Baruch HaShem (which means Praise His Name in Hebrew).


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