A Busy Week

A week ago tonight, my Daddy rolled into town.  In tow he had his little John Deere tractor, garden box, forks, and tiller.  Little did I know the things we’d accomplish this past week.  I wish I had pictures… but alas words will have to do.

* mowed a good portion of our side field, (more than half) including clearing brush out from around our barn.  (a huge feat by itself… it would have taken hours and hours of manpower to clear out all the junk)

* pulling out about 100 feet of fencing and fence posts.

* clearing out a path wide enough and tall enough to move said chicken house

* putting skids under and moving an 11×11 foot a frame chicken house about 75 feet (NEVER would have happened without a tractor)

*pulling out a dilapidated chicken tractor.  The weeds had sucked it in.  scraping all the chicken wire out so we can now mow over the spot instead of having a pile of grass to mow around.

*  Clearing out weeds/grass behind the barn, placing some fencing, and our watering system (an old hot water heater on about 20″ of concrete block)

*carrying bucketloads of brush/an old goat house etc to the burn pile (as soon as it’s wet enough we’re gonna have a bonfire baby!)

*spread 2 loads (about 30 tons of gravel) on our driveway.

* Everybody drove the tractor and used it!  (except for Shane and Princess).  Both boys hauled and dumped stuff on the burn pile.  The little girl mowed some of the field and yes, at 5 years old she ws drivin it with only a little bit of help.  I was pulling fence posts out.  YeHaw!

Dad said when the work was done, he’d load up and go home.  He pulled out this morning and is sleeping in his own bed tonight.

Dad says the old neighbor man that lived next to him would say…

“John Deere…. Dear John”

He kept tellin me he wouldn’t leave it, but we inherit the John Deere