Life of Fred Math


One of the nemesis of home education for most of us.

Four children.

Many different math programs.  Miquon, Rod and Staff, Saxon, Developmental Math, Horizons… among others I am sure.

Math for Princess (15) was the hardest because she was the first.  You name it, we tried it!   Finally, when she reached about 10-11, it clicked and she is now working through Saxon Algebra I and doing well.

Little Bit (who’s not so little anymore, btw) is a math whiz!  He went through most of Developmental Math and has now switched to Saxon 6/5  with no problems!  (He’s 10 1/2).

Math for Bubba… much harder!  He just was not getting it.   We tried the Teaching the Trivium approach, but even at 11, it still wasn’t clicking.    Then we discovered Life of Fred.   Last year, he struggled a bit, but this year we started fresh.  He GETS it!  We have just received Decimals which he will begin in a couple of weeks because he is about to finish Fractions. One thing Bubba LOVES about LOF is that the lessons are short.  No more than 10 problems in each lesson.  One lesson last week had only ONE problem!  He thinks he’s getting away with something… but I know better!

Testing is done by crossing “the bridge”  Every 5 lessons the student attempts to cross the bridge.  Usually, he must get 9 of 10 problems correct to cross.  But, if he doesn’t cross, he gets 4 more tries!      Ingenious!

Life of Fred is written in living book form.  The storyline is interesting, while teaching the math concepts necessary for maneuvering through life.   (You can read about the storyline in other reviews).  But let me give you a hint… Fred is a child.  He acts like a child, and thinks like a child.  He teaches like a child.  I believe that is why children get LOF.

Life of Fred is also a hard-cover affordable curriculum.  The elementary series are $16 each.  Then  $19 each at the next 2 levels.  The next several levels are $39 each, and IF your child is smart enough the Linear Algebra book is $49.  Some of these higher levels also need an answer key that is $6.

You can check out out Life of Fred  here

Oh and in case your wondering, Cathy Duffy likes LOF too!