Technology and “Friends”

I’ve been doing some thinking about Facebook…some people have “friends” that number the several hundreds, some have friends they’ve never met, nor have they have any intimate close relationship…ever. Some people never post, some people often post.  Some people post often yet never comment on other posts.  Yet, they are “friends.”  Apparently this is the new definition of “friendship” (much like the redefining of marriage, but that’s another topic).  

Society is dumbing down whether we like it or not, and FB is just one more step in the process…I remember as a kid being in almost every home, at one time or another. Many not just on my street, but on several streets over in any direction.  Everyone knew each other, their names and where they worked.  We shared lemonade and volleyball games together…well the grown ups did, but the point is we were FRIENDS!  I remember all the neighborhood kids spending the night in the Allen’s treehouse one night; making home made mac and cheese on a snowy school day together, kickball in the circle, building a “fort” out of scraps we asked for from the new house construction that was happening a few streets over, rollerskating in the Wright’s basement.   We were true FRIENDS!  Not fake friends in a made up cyberworld. 

I have often said that i miss blogging. Not these new “expert” blogs.  I miss the old style community blogging.  I miss writing the blog. But more than that, I miss the community that blogs of a few years ago brought.  We were across the state, country and in some cases the world, yet we did get to know each other.  I have met several of those blogging friends,  a few have become real true life friends.  Old style blogging reminded me of that neighbor feel our society seems to have lost.  We’re too interested in entitlements, and rights and tolerance to care about relationships any more! 

Too bad…if this is Utopia I’ll take the good old days thanks…