The Govermnent is Not our friend!

Please forgive me if I sound harsh, but this is a topic that greatly frustrates me. My husband’s family was a pioneering home education family. They were on the front lines and they are part of the reason we have such great home ed laws in MO. Many new home educators don’t realize the sacrifice that was made so you could be free to home educate, many parents were threatened with losing their children for educational neglect, and some children were actually taken away by DFS. (my in-laws had a network of parents that hid out children so they wouldn’t be taken away and it was used!) 30 years ago, you were forced to count the cost before you decided to home educate because there was a lot more on the line than there is today.

The government is not home educations friend and never has been. (Have you seen HSLDA’s battle with the German family? or heard Eric Holder’s recent statement about home education? Do you know how many times MO legislatures have tried to change our law, and not for the better? If you don’t please research and educate yourself).

Quite frankly, if you utilize your “right” to use the government school, you could endanger my right not to use the government school…and when my children or grandchildren are forced to fight for their right to home educate their children they’ll see us coming this time around…30 years ago we took them by surprise. I shudder to think of that battle!