What is this World Coming Too????

Boston.  2 men.  One pressure cooker bomb.  3 people killed. One child.  Many others massively injured.  City locked down.  Massive news coverage. Country outraged!

Philadelphia.  Kermit Gosnell.  Abortionist. 8 people killed.  7 babies. Charged 2 years ago. Currently in 5th week of trial. Precious little news coverage.  Very few outraged!

I bet most of you haven’t even heard of Dr. Gosnell.  (I cringe to even call him a doctor because doctors don’t typically murder their patients!)  He was an abortionist in Philadelphia.  He was murdering children because it is illegal to “abort” a baby after 24 weeks in Pennsylvania and he was performing abortions after 24 weeks!  One mother died on the table.  I challenge you to read some news articles.  Do a search, you’ll find a few since Kirsten Powers brought the story to front page attention a few days ago.   

Why haven’t you heard of him?  Because he’s an abortionist. Yes, that would be why.  The liberal left is protecting it’s position, they are hiding the truth!  They don’t want you to know the horrors of abortion.  But the evidence is clear.  This man is a murderer.  Not only that, according to the news stories, this “clinic” was gruesome, and the Dr. was violating many laws. 

This man is on trial for his life, he could get the death penalty.  His defense? According to news stories I read, “It was an accident, I’m not a criminal” 

Oh dear Lord! This man is so twisted, he’s perverted the meaning of murder.  Please call him to repentance and may your will be done! 



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