Life on the Farm…

Since it’s been a while I thought I would post a quick mini-farm update.

Over the past year we’ve added pigs…we had 2.  They went to the butcher a few months ago, and taste delish!  In fact they tasted so delish that there are 2 new piglets coming home on Saturday.  We also have 2 cows.  No, not milk cows.  We can buy good old-fashioned real milk for $4.00 a gallon just down the road…it’s not worth being tied down when we can buy it that cheap!  These are Jersey bull calves that we’re raising for meat.  We have 2.  One older and one younger, hopefully, we’ll rotate another young calf in when the oldest goes to the butcher, the goal is to have one ready to butcher about every year.  We’ll sell a side and keep a side.  And maybe we’ll cover our costs.  (we lost our shirts on the piggies last time). The biggest one is about ready…

And finally, we have one lone chicken.

Yes, one.

The rest succumbed to the life cycle, becoming food for an owl, fox or some other varmint.

This chicken thinks he is a cow.

Look for a picture forthcoming.

I LOVE chickens! Someday we will have chickens again; however for now, we’ve been buying eggs from a friend that has lots of chickens…so we get the benefits of farm fresh eggs without the work, and we’re helping my friend out too.

Meat rabbits are being considered.  I’ve heard that they taste like chicken.  But, rabbits are so cute that I’m not sure we could butcher them.  The pigs were hard enough, and they were fat, ugly and mean!  Malachi took it upon himself to be the keeper of the animals. So he goes out with his trusty sword every morning and evening to check on the animals.   He would go out with Shane to feed the pigs.   As ugly and mean as they were,  he was a bit hesitant to eat the pork of our labor.  But when the bacon came, he got over it.  🙂

We have one lone kitty, and still have our two trusty dogs.  From time to time we’ll still adopt a frog, crawdad or other critter…but our boys are growing up so it’s not as common as it once was…

We sort of have a garden.   I planted late, so we haven’t reaped the benefits yet, but tomatoes are growing, squash bugs are feasting, and the lettuce got bitter before it got big enough to eat…sounds like my woeful gardening adventures continue.

We’re building a bridge across our creek.  Last year Shane brought home some HUGE railroad ties.  12″ in square and 15 ft. long.  So far we have a foot bridge, and are looking for deck boarding to finish it, so we can drive a mower over.

So that’s it… we’re still here, still pretending to be farmers…