Happy Anniversary Superman!

Superman logo by stevegoy

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19 years.   Could it really be so?  Married to one man for so long?  I can hardly imagine.

But I am.   And I LOVE it!

You see, the fact that I’ve been married for 19 years is pretty amazing.  My parents divorced when I was around 12 years old.  I looked for love in all the wrong places for many years.  Every man I dated more than about 3 times was the “one.”  In fact, I was so “in love” with love that  one of my relatives didn’t come to our wedding because they “could always come to the next one.”  Well, they’re going to wait a loooooooong time…like never.

I lived in the world then.

I thought I had to be kissed (and more) if the man loved me. And sometimes if the man didn’t love me.

I met the Lord…then I met Shane.

He was so very different.  He would NOT kiss me until we were married.  We would hold hands.  He would kiss me on the forehead.  After we were engaged, he would peck me on the lips, but absolutely NO more.

One day I got mad at him for it!  I hung up the phone and told him that if he didn’t kiss me, he must not love me.  This was early in our courtship. Thankfully, I immediately came to my senses and called him back and told him how stupid I was.

Remember my worldview was kiss=love.

And then 19 years ago today, he KISSED me!  (and so much more, but I won’t go there)

And he LOVED me!

And he still LOVES me!  And you know what?  19 years with the same man is not boring, dull or mundane. It is exciting!   It is comfortable! 19 years with the same man is AMAZING!  It’s FREEDOM.  I KNOW he loves me.  I KNOW he’s going nowhere.  Goodness if he stuck with me through the years that I was a mess, I can trust that he will keep the vow he made to me through any struggle we have.

Now, you may be wondering why Superman?

Why not?  Seriously though, when we were first married “The New Adventures of Superman”  was beginning it’s second season on network TV.  That was “our” show.  Popcorn and Superman after church on Sunday nights was our weekly routine

I was Lois Lane, the beautiful (haha),  flighty, stubborn, heroine.  And Shane, well, he was Clark Kent.  Reliable, steady, and dependable. (And he treated Lois Lane honorably too.  I think they kissed, but he did not violate her purity).

He was also, and still is, my Hunky Superman. ready to leap tall buildings with a single bound.  Most often those tall buildings looks like:

Jars that I can’t open

Computers that don’t do what I want them to do

Tolerating my rants about the current political/cultural climate

His ringtone on my cell phone is the theme song from the TV show.

Superman theme song

Yep!  He’s my SUPERMAN!  And I love him!  I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. (Song 6:3)

Here we are.  Can’t you see the resemblance????

(Imagine Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, apparently someone didn’t like the idea of me using a picture of them here, so it’s gone….there’s a picture of them here. )

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