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Well here I go again.  Two posts for the blog hop with Proverbs 31  What happens when women say YES study again this week.  I just can’t help myself ladies, I just have to get it out.

I was SO glad to see these questions this week.  Last week, as we were reading about a soul longing for more, the words from Jeremiah 17:9 loomed in my head.  “The heart is deceitful above all else.”

In my opinion three of the most dangerous words being said in Christian circles is “Follow Your Heart.”  I don’t think many people realize that when we follow our heart, “we are like children who are tossed to and fro by the waves and carried by every wind of doctrine –by human craftiness and deceitful schemes” Ephesians 4:14

But Lysa’s 5 questions  HALT the deceit!

Our verse of the week:

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.  must be looked at through the lense of the 5 Questions Lysa presented.

1.  Does What I’m hearing line up with Scripture?

2. Is it consistent with God’s character?

3.  Is it being confirmed through messages I’m hearing at church or studying in my quiet time?

4.  Is it beyond me?

5.  Would it please God?

We cannot follow our hearts the worlds way; it will lead us astray!

The heart is deceitful!

But, when we give everything over to God we will want to use the 5 question filter because we will want to be seeking Him completely.  We will desire to follow His perfect and complete will for our lives.

Have you been following your heart, instead of seeking Him with ALL your heart?

If you have, now is the time to change.

See my earlier post for how I’m changing.

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  1. You’re right! I never gave much thought to the phrase…Follow your heart. I love how Lysa as these questions as a guide in REALLY seek the will of God.

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