A New Era

Later today Hannah and I will take a drive to Calvary Bible College.

She has orientation for dual enrollment.

I’m going with her today.

But tomorrow, I cannot.

It’s her first day of classes.

Am I nervous? Feeling the empty nest? Will I cry tomorrow when I drop her off?

I’m excited for her! She’s taking 2 theatre classes. She finally gets some time with a lady we’ve come to know and love since “King and I” days!

There are 3 others at home. There are 10 years until my youngest will be 17. No empty nest feelings here-yet. In fact, I think I had a harder time leaving Hannah for 4 days at camp the first year she was a counselor- or watching her drive for the first time.

Will I cry? I don’t think so. We’ve spent her whole life preparing her for her adult life. CBC is just another step in the journey. She’ll only be there one afternoon a week this semester. And next semester? Well we’ll see- it’s a work in progress. And we’re taking it a semester at a time.

The day she moves out? Or, her wedding day? Well, that will be another story! I’m sure to be crying like a mad woman when those days come.

I think she may be a little more nervous than me.

The girl that never wants new clothes, bought new clothes yesterday.

And a new handbag.

And worried about what she would wear.

Well- as much as she worries about anything.

It’s a new day.

I do wonder how the time passed. But I’ve been wondering where the past 17 years have gone for a while now. I don’t feel old enough to have a 17 year old

Well ok- everywhere but my knees don’t feel that old.

Tomorrow’s a new day!


One thought on “A New Era

  1. wow – that is a wonderful big step!! My oldest turns 17 in December. I have homeschooled him for 7 or so years. We moved country and it is not really done here (homeschooling). We praise God that he got accepted to an international line (in English). I know how the letting go feels. He had a sleep over camp last week for introduction where they took the bus to another country – it was a hard night for me and a great one for him 😉 I also don’t feel near old enough to have a son who is taller than me, with a beard! LOL


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