Being Real

In a previous post I stated that I had been afraid to “go public” with this blog.  Afraid of what you, dear readers would think of me.  Whether you’ve met me in real life, or only in the blogging world.  I am still afraid of what you will think of me.

When I decided to start sharing this blog with those I know, I also decided that I was going to be real.  I was going to drop the “smiles” and “I’m fine” that we church people tend to do and say.  I decided I was going to let you see the good, bad and ugly of me.  I decided that God sees that good, bad and ugly and loves me in spite of myself.

Now, you may decide you don’t love me in spite of myself; and that’s perfectly ok.  You are you and I am me.  And we each have to be true to God and within that confine true to ourselves.

We are called to bear one another’s burdens.  To share our hearts, goals, and dreams with one another, like sisters and brothers in a family.  Family is real folks.  As a young believer I knew that.  People at church would as how are you?  I’d tell them the truth because I thought they wanted to know…because I had been reading (devouring) my Bible.  But it didn’t take me long to realize that’s not what they really meant, so I started answering the standard “smile, I’m good, how are you?”

Gotta tell a funny…last spring when we were home, my brother and I had a few words.  He sleeps late, we rise early.  The living room is over his bedroom…well you can see where this is going.  So after our words, I come out of the bathroom, stomped my feet and say, rather loudly, “how’s that for being quiet” or some other such nonsense”  My daddy gets this look on his face like “oh no there are people that aren’t family seeing this”  well…the people that aren’t family…were MY family; and believe me, they’ve seen much worse.  Just like your family has seen much worse from you.  It didn’t take long for my daddy to realize just that…relief swept over his face.

So anyway, family is real folks.  And if you’re a fellow heir to the throne of Christ then by golly we’re family.

This is me folks, love me, or hate me.  We’re family, and I’m being real with ya!


2 thoughts on “Being Real

  1. You are so right that people often don’t really want to know. I was told by someone that I am too open. And my husband got so frustrated when people said “how are you?” and he started to answer, ” not so good” and they, without hearing and without stopping, replied “that’s great!!” lol
    I am glad that you are being real!! 😉


  2. Your husband’s experience is what I’m talking about!

    I do believe that we don’t need to share everything with everyone, or even several somebodies. There is a time and place for holding back things; not everyone needs to know our life story. And, if we have something hard to say to someone, we must do it in kindness and love.

    But I have an emotional, bubbly, let it all hang out kind of personality. Some people have a hard time with that, and while i try to be sensitive to them, this is my God-given personality and it isn’t changing. Over the years, I have learned to temper my facial expressions somewhat, but I wear them; if I’m sad, mad, happy etc. even if I hide it from others, my husband, and usually my children know.


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