Our Plans Diverted!

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Continuing the blog hop Thursday with Proverbs 31…Hello Yes Sisters!  *jumping up and down waving hello* I’m so glad you stopped by!

One of this week’s topics was Life Interrupted.  I feel like I could right a book on that topic!  Our married life has been “interrupted” so many times…

*Marriage and Family degrees diverted

*Full time ministry/mission work diverted

*Children born in my heart, not under it

*living in the mid-west instead of the south was an interruption to MY plans, lol…

And a multitude of others…some big some small. Always, through them all, God was right there, showing us his way…sometimes we didn’t see it; and even now, the final chapter hasn’t been written.  So we wait…patiently… and sometimes not so patiently.

But the truth be told, I’m sure each of you readers have “life interrupted stories” you could share too.

This is the story of the diverted plan that has shaped our lives over the last 19 years together.

From the time I was young, Shane has had a desire to preach and to help families.  From the time I was saved, I wanted to minister to and encourage others. I wanted to teach people about Jesus. I wanted to do mission work and be a preacher’s wife.

God has given us some amazing opportunities.

In our college years, we were involved with inner-city missions.

Before we were even married he gave us a deaf ministry at the church we were attending.

When we were barely married and He sent us a family that had been married many years to encourage and counsel.

Because Shane was a pioneer homeschooler, we have had many opportunities to encourage and teach others about home education.

Because we are an adoptive family…more opportunities.

But this is not where we always thought we’d be.

We thought we’d be on the mission field somewhere (China? Russia? or somewhere????)

Or, we thought Shane would be in full-time ministry and I’d be a preacher’s wife.

We thought … well, ok, I thought, we’d have 2.5 (biological) children and a cute little house with a white picket fence).

We thought we’d adopt after “our” family was grown.

But that’s not what happened.

Shane and I spent many hours on “our” swing on campus, talking, and dreaming about what we wanted for our lives.

I was pursuing a degree in Social Work (I wanted to help people, but really didn’t know what I wanted to do).  Shane wanted to pursue a Marriage and Family Therapy degree (MFT).  And he wanted to preach.  He was pursuing a double major at the small Christian college we were attending.  In Business/marketing and vocational ministries.

The business degree was something to fall back on

but that was our plan, not God’s.

We had been married about 2 years when we moved from beautiful West Tennessee  to the barren desert of  West Texas (It was so barren, they named the streets after trees: and I believe there was one, yes one tree in all of the town that wasn’t mesquite.  It was an Elm tree and God put it in the front yard of our little one bedroom duplex to bless me because he knew how much I love big tall leafy trees and how much I would miss the beauty of my home state.  Shane even made me a swing for it).

We both pursued Marriage and Family therapy degrees.  Yes, both of us.  During the interview process, the  administration discovered I had a Social Work degree they made the offer for me to join him, and we took them up on the offer.

But it only took one semester to realize the place was wrong for us.

Actually it took only a few days.

The statement “if someone comes to you wanting a divorce you help them with that” was made in one of the first classes.

We wanted to help marriages stay together and be stronger, not help people divorce!

So after the first semester was over, we packed up our little rented u-haul and drove to Independence, Missouri.  Shane’s hometown.  With no hills, or mountains or crazy wild dogwood trees growing everywhere.

And Shane went to work, in business.  He sold advertising for the local newspaper (he currently works for a Christian radio station selling air…advertising).

And he preached two Sundays a month at a family integrated church his family attended.

Now, God has given my husband a tremendous gift!  He’s GOOD and I’m not the only one that says so.  He knows how to draw people in, and preach a lesson that gives people something to go home and chew, and digest and it applies to their life.  He has amazing people skills, compassion, and preaching talent!

Many people have asked us why he’s not in full-time ministry.

Our answer

God hasn’t put him there.

Shane preached for several years at this little church.

They were not pleasant years.

In fact there were many Sunday’s I would be in tears.  We fought for that little church when we felt like everyone else had given up.

But in the end, the church doors were closed.

Looking back, we can see the mistake.

But Shane wanted to preach so badly.  And I wanted him to preach;  I WANTED to be a preacher’s wife.

Not long after, God moved us to the country.  6 1/2 acres (and that 1/2 is important, lol).

We were church shopping.  One of the churches we visited was in between preachers.

Here was his chance, he preached once or twice a month when they asked him.

That church was NOT a good fit for us!


They found a full-time preacher and we moved on.

After all of that, Shane decided that he would not pursue preaching/pastoring.  He decided that God would have to make it very clear that he was supposed to be preaching.  That meant someone asking him to do it.

God was silent.

He did not preach once

For 7 years

God said NO!

After much searching, we finally found a WONDERFUL church that we love and are so thankful to call our home for almost 6 years now.

One day about 2 years ago, he felt released to preach again.  You know one of those little God touches, where you just know.

A few days after that, he got a call from one of our elders asking him to preach.  Asking him to  fill in on 5th Sunday’s and other opportunities when they needed him.

About a year ago, they asked him to be an elder!

Looking back, we know God’s plan was perfect!

With my illness and our son’s struggles, it wouldn’t have worked!

The fishbowl can be very transparent,  judgmental and cruel.

We would have been miserable!

Will Shane ever be in full-time “professional” ministry?

Only time will tell…

And only He knows.

So for now, we wait…

To read part of our “life interrupted” children story click here.


3 thoughts on “Our Plans Diverted!

  1. I’m always #Amazed at how we can look back at certain decisions we make and see God’s silence as an answer, of sorts. And how He allows us to forge ahead with our own plans so that He can show us why they aren’t for us. I pray God continues to interrupt your life in ways that you can see and feel!

    🙂 Missy Pettigrew
    FB Small Group Leader & Prayer Warrior Team


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  3. Hoping I can see my life this way one day 😉 Right now it is all a jumble with hurts and wounds. But your testimony encouraged me. My husband has wanted to be a pastor since before I met him and we have been married for more than 18 years. I wanted to be a missionary and felt that I would be a pastor’s wife too. So many years later, and we have been viewed as failures by many and doors have not opened, other than for 1 year for me and 3 years for my husband in missions. Your story gives me hope – that in all of this, as we just follow God – That it does not matter what others think – But that God has a plan and I know that we are trying to walk in it today 😉 Thanks for sharing!!


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