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P31 OBS Blog Hop***Oh ladies, when I wrote this I was in Knoxville typing on my Blackberry and couldn’t give this justice!  I’m not even sure I can do it justice now, but I’m going to try.  I don’t know if anyone will read it, but I’m going to edit it anyway.  ***

I’m writing once again for the Proverbs 31 blog hop.

In this chapter of the book, Lysa wrote about the calling of the first disciples as a part of this week’s chapter on fresh vision and saying yes to God.

And it hit me between the eyes!


Even the fish they had just caught!

I had NEVER seen that before!

HOW had I missed it?

Allow me to explain:

Simon and his men had caught nothing the entire fishing trip. I’m sure they were discouraged and tired when they arrived at shore because Peter says “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing!”

I can hear the frustration in his voice, can you?

But even in his frustration he recognizes Jesus’ power. He tells “Jesus, Master, just say the word and I’ll obey and put the nets back out!”

He did, and they did.

My guess is they didn’t want to do it!

In  modern day terminology, they might have wanted to unwind a little and gripe a little about what a crummy night they had!

Or maybe they just wanted to sleep after a bad night at work!

But they obeyed Jesus. And they were blessed beyond measure. They got a catch so big they had to call for help to bring it all to shore.

There was so much fish that their boats were sinking! The fishermen were astonished! They brought in the mother load!

No worries … Except

Jesus was there …

“Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

then they LEFT it ALL to follow Jesus!

And I said OUCH!!!

They left what Jesus had JUST given them!

I know I would have made every excuse in the book!  But God you just gave these to me, why are you taking them away?

Oh have I done that before!

I have refused to give up the smaller blessing (the fish) for the larger blessing (being privileged to be used by God to teach men about Him).

In fact, I have held on to the fish until it started to STINK!  And I haven’t even smelled it until those fish were rotting right under my nose…

Oh Lord help me to let go of my way and run to your way!  Help me do this before the fish starts to stink!

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3 thoughts on “Leave EVERYTHING Fresh Vision

  1. They left all to follow Jesus. I agree with you I wonder what my reaction would have been. Would I drop everything or make excuses. Thanks for sharing how important it is to drop everything and follow Jesus with a willing heart, no questions asked.

    Marilyn V (OBS Group Leader)


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