the Beginning of the Nightmare

I have written a series of articles about my journey to health.  This is the first.  I will be posting once a week and will try to do this on Tuesday.  I pray that it will encourage and benefit others that may be struggle with similar issues.

A long time ago in a not so far away land I received an abnormal pap result. The doctor I was seeing at the time described it as pre-pre- pre cancerous and told me I needed a hysteroscopy (not hystercomy) and a d&c to remedy the situation. Now. I had had abnormal paps before and the recommendation had always been re-check in 6 months. It had never been a problem.

But this time the dreaded “C” word was spoken.

Looking back now, I guess that’s why I went ahead with her recommendation. And the next recommendation.

Hormone replacement.

Now, I wasn’t dumb- I had read Dr. John Lee’s book and I knew it needed to be bio-identical progesterone. No horse urine for me!

So I started taking the little green pill.

I was 38 years old.

I started having night sweats.

A few months later, I was a wreck.
Crying for no reason, moody, depressed, anger would jump out without any warning.  So I went to a different doctor; one that was more natural.  He did bloodwork and put me on a troche that not only contained progesterone, but estrogen and testosterone (yep guys, us ladies need a little of that too).   But it didn’t help.  He also educated me about fake estrogens and real food (I did get something worthwhile from him after-all).

So more bloodwork, increased progesterone; more progesterone, more progesterone and even more progesterone.

And I was getting worse!  It was so bad that there were many days Shane thought he was going to have to come home I was so out of it.  Thankfully, that usually jarred me to my senses for the rest of the day.

Two for two– I had found two quack doctors that just messed me up!

And then Malachi came home with his own set of issues that needed attention.

3rd doctor enters the picture and continues current regiment.

You’re wondering why I didn’t change something aren’t you?

Well, we did…or so I thought.  I would go through times where I thought I was getting better; but I wasn’t.

Most of our days consisted of ranting by angry momma.  Mind you, I COULD not stop!  I talked a little about that here.

The hormones were controlling me, and I kept taking them!

Here was the cycle:

I would get angry;.  Rant, rant and rant some more.  When I came to my senses, I’d beat myself up for getting so angry.  I’d throw every Bible verse about anger up at myself.  Then I’d come to my senses. Repent to everyone in the house for blowing it again; ask forgiveness and everything would be great…until the next time.

Trouble was, no one would know when the next time would be…not even me!

My memory was gone; I couldn’t lose weight, my brain was foggy.  I was a basket case.   I’d go to the thrift store and they asked if I got the senior discount!  Yes, it was that bad.  I was  ONLY 42 years old!

Finally, I went to a 4th doctor.  She told me I didn’t need anything I was taking!  Ironically, I found this doctor by attending a “Hormone workshop” done by a pharmacy that wanted to put me on strong hormones and stop my cycles.  Let me remind you again;  at this time I was approximately 42 years old!

This doctor tested my vitamin D levels, they were extremely low, she recommended 1000i.u.’s of Vitamin D3 and  5-HTP to help my foggy thinking.  And that was it!

Well, let me stop there and tell you, 1000i.u.’s of vitamin D will NOT get your vitamin D levels up; it won’t even maintain current levels!  My vitamin D levels finally reached optimum level when I took 10,000 i.u.’s a day for about a year.  Everyone is different.  Get your blood levels checked.  Do your own research.  (I recommend starting with Dr. Mercola)

Ok, so that was the beginning of the healing…

stay tuned for part II and THANKS for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “the Beginning of the Nightmare

  1. It sounds like we have been on a similar journey. The anger and seemingly uncontrollable emotions were common for me as well. I was completely deficient of vitamin D and still have a problem with absorbing my B vitamins even though I’m taking high doses of both. After six months my d levels are back to normal and we are now trying to figure out what is wrong with my gut that is causing my vitamin b levels to be so low. This along with third stage adrenal fatigue and high levels of inflammation my functional medical doctor is seriously considering a parasite. I’m sorry for your health trials…I’m thankful you have gotten help.


    • Wow! It does sound like we have gone down similar paths. Most recently I’ve been taking Standard Process adrenal fatigue supplement and my homeopath has considered a parasite too. Taking Monolaurin seems to help my stomach woes. I also had severe hypothyroidism and got excited last year when I was able to have my brows waxed!


  2. I can’t imagine how discouraging it would be to have your hormones so effect the way you are feeling and your behavior, especially if there was no explanation or end in sight. So glad you found healing and looking forward to reading about that.


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