I was Broken!

In all the years I’ve blogged, I’ve never seen Five Minute Fridays.

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday but the word for Friday caught me!

So, I’m writing regardless…the word is


The time starts now

Before my life in Christ I was broken.  My parents divorced when I was 12.  My dad moved out when I needed him the most.  It’s not his fault.  I KNOW he wanted to be there but their divorce led me to a downward spiral that I didn’t recover from until I was 25 years old.

I started looking for love in all the wrong places.  Technically, I was a virgin until I was an older teen; but I was NOT pure.  For the sake of graphics, I’ll leave it at that.

As I got older, every guy I went out with more than once was “the one”

Let me tell you, some of those men were real winners!  NOT!  Oh my, looking back I wonder how I made it without some severe scars.

what did “the one”  mean?

The one that I would marry.  I would do it differently.  I wanted to be married til death do us part.   (but looking back, I wonder how long I would have stayed married)

Oh good grief what WAS I thinking!

I had no tools to help me stay married for life…

Then I met Jesus.

Through his blood

Through his grace

through his mercy

I am no longer broken!