Oh How excellent is His Mercy!

5 minute Friday time! which means writing for 5 minutes; no edits– whatever comes out about the word for the week.  Want to join the fun,  read about it at Lisa-Jo Baker’s website  

The word for today is Mercy. Here goes:

His mercy is new EVERY morning!

That’s what Scripture says but the meaning is His mercy is new
every morning,
every evening,
every hour,
every minute,
every second

And there are some days I NEED His mercy every second.

I have a husband
And 4 children
And 2 dogs
And 1 cow
And one lone chicken  (he wanders the field with the cow)

We pick up 3 piglets a week from tomorrow

And we home educate

With all of that going on in our home. You better believe there can be trying times!  There are days I need His mercy every second, or so it seems.

Especially those days when someone has forgotten to close a gate or the electric fence stops working and  you look out your window and see a cow standing in your front yard.  And Math is not going well, or the day vacation starts and everyone is bouncing off the walls because they’re so excited to be GOING ON VACATION while I’m running around crazy trying to get last minute items together…yep that’s definitely a mercy every second kind of day.

Thanks be to God, He gives us another chance and not just one but infinite chances.

Ever morning… Every evening… Every hour…every minute and every second if need be.

P.S.  When I went back to the website, I realized the post I made Wednesday was actually the word for several weeks ago…oh well,  it wasn’t official anyway, lol

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