Disaster Diverted!

Yesterday could have been disasterous I was brewing a bad attitude. I felt fine when I got up but the day was starting to go downhill. My heart was feeling UGH!

I couldn’t find it.

The pretty bottle of “Last Tango” nail polish that I was blessed to receive after my pedi in Knoxville last week. As a side note- isn’t that a great name for polish? It’s a pretty salmon-y- orange. Bright, but not obnoxious hopefully like me ๐Ÿ™‚ and best of all it was FREE with my pedi!

So anyway, the children and I have turned the house upside down looking for it. I think I’ve seen it since we got home. But we’ve looked everywhere. Even all the little obscure places I put things when I’m not thinking. You know places like the fridge, the bookshelf in the corner, the glovebox in the car. Nope! Not there either!

So my ‘tude was brewing.

I went to my journal and wrote:

“Lord help me with my attitude, please. I want to have a good attitude. Please Lord and please Lord help me find my polish.”

Yep that’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing profound. Simple words. Repetitive words.

And you know what?

God changed my attitude!

This morning I couldn’t even remember why my innards had been brewing that attitude.

Praise God for His mercy!

P.S. At this point I’m hoping that polish is sitting on the kitchen counter at my Dad’s in Knoxville. At least then I’d know what happened to it!

P.S.S.ย  My brother just sent me a message, the polish is NOT at my Dad’s ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

P.S.S.S.ย  I FOUND IT!!!!ย  I have looked in my purse at least 3 times!ย  I decided to look again…there it was peeping out at me from a corner crevice!ย  Go figure!

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4 thoughts on “Disaster Diverted!

  1. Isn’t it just so annoying when that happens? Just the other day I tore my house apart looking for my sunglasses, including going through my purse twice. I started to give up but I just knew that I put them in my purse! So I once again went back to my purse and guess what? They were laying right there on top! Nobody was home but me. CRAZY! I’m glad you found your polish and glad that God changed your attitude. I often have to pray this prayer for myself! Have a great day! God bless!


    • When I wore sunglasses (before I got old and started wearing “real” glasses, lol) I’d often hunt for them and find them on my head ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m forever loosing things, usually my husband has to come along behind me and find them…he was getting ready to do just that when I looked in my purse “just one more time”


  2. love the story and it reminds me of a story from the “what happens when women say yes to God” book by Lysa TerKeurst – at least I am pretty sure that is where I read it!! Happens to me too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think we have a sock monster – With that one we have fairly stopped trying and I see the children wearing odd socks all the time haha and I just re-wear until a clean pair shows up!! Almost 17 years and 7 children has done much to chisel off impatience and attitude and yet as it is a journey – I have not yet arrived ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Thank you Jane! I think everyone has sock monsters, lol. I keep the extras in a laundry basket, and go through them to match when we’re running low, then throw the rest away…usually that’s when the match shows up…I look forward to “arriving” when I’m in heaven.


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