2009 The Beginning of Wellness

It’s Tuesday, time for the second part of my journey to health.

For part I of the story go here.

So, I was starting to feel better.

I could actually walk to the back of the house to get something for dinner out of the freezer and remember WHY I was there.

But I was still not right.  I was still moody, depressed, and angry.  (it was easier to write this time now that I’ve confessed that ugliness).   Not as much; but still WAY too much!   I was fatigued, and tired all the time.  In fact, many nights I was falling asleep on the couch by 8:00 pm.  It was all I could do to get dinner on the table.  But even then, I didn’t realize how sick I was.

So Shane was researching Samaritan Ministries  And I came around and got on board.  In fact, I was excited to get rid of our insurance and be a part of this wonderful ministry!

But, I had some swelling under my left arm that I thought I’d better get checked out before applying.  I thought it was probably nothing, but didn’t want a pre-existing condition.   Our regular D.O.’s office checked me out.  She found a lump in my right breast and recommended a mammogram.  (amazingly to this day, no doctor that I have mentioned the swelling under my left arm to has been concerned…I have chalked it up to lymph nodes and am dry-brushing to relieve it).

I had studied mammograms and there was NO way I was going that route.  I had also studied thermograms.  So, I found a lab that did them and scheduled my appointment.  (Start here if you want to research it.)

My thermogram came back with some concern.  One side was a level 4.  There are 5 levels; so I didn’t have cancer, but I wasn’t very far away.  BTW,  the lump was nothing.  So I started supplement therapy with my first naturopath.  (Yes, the 5th member of the medical community).  He put me on some great products from Standard Process, and I began to improve.

By this time I had  also noticed that half of my eyebrows were missing too.  The time line is blurry here but the bottom line is that I had SEVERE thyroid deficiencies.   No wonder I had no energy!

Iodine deficiencies are associated with breast cancer!

The thermography place that I found was associated with a homeopathic doctor in the KC area.  So after the themogram I got a free consultation.  He had me do a full panel saliva hormone test.   It confirmed everything we knew about my hormones!   I don’t remember all the supplements that he put me on, but there was one that seemed instrumental and I still take it (at higher doses that Dr. Martin had me taking)  It is a Standard Process product called Simplex F.  The second that I remember, was Black Currant Seed Oil ( vitacost makes one that works for me).  Black Currant Seed is supposed to be excellent for breast health.

Dr. Martin also put me on a SP iodine supplement but my neck and back were SO achy.  Little did I know that iodine can cause bromide toxicity to rear it’s head.  And these are some of the symptoms.  According to one article I read, bromide toxicity has been associated with all thyroid diseases.  (Just for your information apparently fluoride competes with iodine as well…another good reason to stay away from it).  I don’t know why, but Dr. Martin had me go off of the iodine.

This is NOT what I needed.  I needed that iodine.

What I needed was a salt load

And that’s what I did.

And it worked!

This website looks to have some good info on iodine as well.

I saw Dr. Martin for about a year.  I started feeling better.  But it wasn’t enough…

Stay tuned for part III

By the way, I am NOT giving medical advice, I am not a doctor or health practitioner, I am only recounting my journey.  If you would like information on those practitioners that have helped me, please email me or leave a comment and I will give you their information.


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