Everybody’s an Expert

Apparently Jessa Duggar’s courtship is breaking news to some people.  People Magazine has an article that was posted yesterday on their website and it sure has people talking.

I find most of the comments downright offensive!

Most of these people would be APPALLED to be told how to live their lives, yet here they are spouting off their mouth –judging the Duggars.  Telling the Duggar’s and the world how they should be living.

Why? Because their children are being taught courtship and purity until they are married.

I wonder how many of those people have children that are respectful, and responsible adults?

I wonder how many of those people have been married to the same spouse for more than a few years?

I wonder how many of those people are raising their grandchildren that have been born out of wedlock?

I wonder how many of these people have a complete and utter hate for the Christian religion.

Pretty certain this one is:  And I did a straight copy and paste, complete with original typo’s.

christians are wrong” (that’s this person’s “online name”)

It;s called brainwashing….
You indoctrinate your kids one way, close off every avenue to see differently and ta da……
It’s not done with viciousness or malice but it’s done none the less and its not healthy to making great thinking adults that will run our country sooner than later, they will vote, they will be your neighbour etc..”

Yeah, I’m thrilled with the intelligence level that’s in Washington, D.C. now!  NOT!  

Or this lady:

“she and her sister have spent their entire childhoods raising their younger siblings. Now that she’s an adult right away it’s marriage and baby making time. So sad.”

No honey, I think it’s sad that apparently many people believe that baby making before marriage (or no marriage)  is the best way.  Or baby making, then murder (aka: abortion) is a better way.

Yep, sex crazed, half dressed women (or in Miley Cyrus’s case, a half dressed girl) is definitely more respectable than someone like Jessa Duggar.  NOT!

These are most likely the same people that would like to brainwash us with their beliefs of moral relativism,  evolution and the belief that murdering babies in the womb is ok.

Let me ask you who would YOU rather have as your neighbor?

Someone who personifies the image of Miley Cyrus,

miley cyrus

or someone who personifies someone like Jessa Duggar?


I know who my pick would be.

Let me share a little of my story, if I may.  No I never did a pole dance in a leotard with a funky hairstyle  on a public stage, but my life before Christ was pretty dicey.

My innocence was lost somewhere around age 13, although my virginity wasn’t technically lost until I was 17.  I was NOT pure.

I mentioned in a previous post that I dared to imagine almost every guy I went out with as being “the one”  and that led to sex outside of marriage being ok, even though when I was raised it was still taboo. Unlike today where anything goes.

This belief led to LOTS of heartache.

Lots of nights crying myself to sleep wondering what I did “wrong”

Lots of “why God” or “why not God” even though at that time I didn’t have a relationship with God.

I see lots of  young ladies in the world today that look much the way I looked all those years ago.  Lost, alone, searching…miserable.

Did you know that Shane and I courted?
Our “rules” were a little different than the Duggars, but we had very little physical contact before we were married.  (we held hands, hugged, albeit brief, and he kissed me on the forehead, when we were engaged, we did short pecks on the lips…but our first real whoa momma kiss was after we were husband and wife.

Some of the conversation in the comments on the People Mag page has involved what sex would be like between two inexperienced people.

I could tell you but I want a “G” rated page (or maybe PG) but NOT XXX.

Let’s just say that everything worked really well 🙂

But I struggled with my past.  It haunted me for several years.

Shane had no past to haunt him.

I can tell you from the perspective of one that has done it both ways

God’s way, purity before marriage, is the best way!

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One thought on “Everybody’s an Expert

  1. Love love your post!! The world is just as guilty at brainwashing as they like to accuse Christians of being – It seems that it is desired that we all have no morals, dress in skimpy clothes and sleep around, etc. If it were not so then they would not get irrate when someone chooses to be pure. My husband and I never dated others as we were keeping ourselves for the one we would marry and are so blessed because of that decision! It is a crazy notion that experimenting sexually outside of marriage will make marriage more enjoybale! It is something that happens naturally and develops into beautiful intimacy within a healthy marriage! Your courtship rules by the way are definitely something worth sharing! We had not guidance in that area and struggled much!


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