God is GOOD!

Sunday we brought home 3 new piglets and a new guard dog for the animals.

Today, Shane started his new job.

I was a WRECK on Sunday!  Shane would probably tell you I had the eyes of a wild woman.  I was stressed, ready to cry several times, and in fact did at least once. It has been hard for him to leave Bott Radio. Yes, part of this is hormonal 🙂   He had 11 great years there.  They gave him a pizza party. Wonderful co-workers wrote sweet notes on his “goodbye cards.” One of his co-workers even gave him a really nice bottle of wine, that he LIKES!  Which is something in and of itself because he’s very picky about his wine choices.  The owners wife drove to the office, best Shane can tell, only to thank Shane for his years of service to the company.  Several of his clients sent him precious notes wishing him well…

it was hard for him to leave.  It was hard for me for him to leave.

But I was looking at all he was going to miss.  Not what blessings we could have.

God orchestrated this new job.  But I’ll talk about that in a minute 🙂

You see last time he left a job, (over 12 years ago) he ended up getting laid off from the next 2 jobs and got hired as a para at the local high school as a sign language interpreter.  God was so very good to us that year; every bill was paid, a couple of bills were even paid off!  But I was nervous about it happening again.

But, this morning I got up with a resolve that I would make it today; no matter what!

Isaac has violin on Monday’s.  And him and Tabitha were supposed to start their theater/dance class.

Well a funny thing happened on the way to their classes.

The van broke down.

About 2 blocks from violin class.

On a fairly busy road (thankfully it was a 4 lane)

On a hill.

It just died.

I turned on the flashers, coasted backward to a safer spot, prayed and called AAA.

Thankfully, there was a railroad trestle and some steps up to another road off of the sidewalk about 5 feet from the back of the car.  We could wait in the shade on this beautiful autumn day.

About 20 minutes into our 45ish minute wait for the tow truck some folks we know “happened” to drive by and see us.  Now we live 40 minutes from the town we were in, and these folks LIVE in our town.

And they do not know Jesus as their personal Savior.  But God used them to help us today!  They told me that they had not planned on coming down the road that we were stranded on; but for some reason, decided to go down that road. Now that’s a not a coincidence, that’s a God-incidence as one of my blogging buddies has coined it.

So then, the local police drive by and come back to check on us and see if we’re ok and if we have a cell phone.  Mind you, this is AFTER AAA is on the way, after our friends have stopped and are going to run errands and come back for us.

So Isaac missed his first Jr. Musical meeting.  And Tabitha missed her first tap/jazz class.  BUT they both understood and had wonderful attitudes.  I was able to text Shane and tell him we were ok, and God was watching over us

Lessons learned:

By faith!

God ordains the steps of even those that are unregenerate for His purpose and His glory

Shane had a FANTASTIC first day at his new job.  He’ll be working from home tomorrow and will be back in the office some on Wednesday.  OH praise God!  This is something we’ve prayed for him for many, many years!  He’s working from home.

They are nice and kind and they are gearing up for a major advertising campaign so Shane can succeed.  They’ve told him, they’ll do what it takes to make it work for him.  And their expectations are doable.

And Shane was blessed.

And I am blessed.

*The rest of the story:

There were 2 jobs.  Shane was even flown to Chicago from Knoxville a few weeks ago for the other job.  We thought he was going to get that job.  He thought it was the preferred position.  But, that job fell through at the last moment.  And I’m thankful.

And btw, the van appears to be the alternator, it slowly died, got some juice, started up again, but not enough for me to get it to a better place.  Hopefully we’ll hear about it tomorrow and it won’t be too terribly expensive.   For now, Shane will be home for most of the day tomorrow AND we have the Suburban that I can use to take the 5 of us where we need to go tomorrow 🙂