Write. 5 Minute Friday

The word for today’s 5 minute Friday is “write”  I have had to ponder this one for a few hours because I wasn’t sure what direction to take: still not absolutely certain, but if I don’t do it now, I’m not sure when I’ll get to it again.

So, here goes!

I love to write.  When I was younger, I wrote poetry.  In fact when I was in 6th grade I got to read my poem on “Fleas” at the 6th grade graduation ceremony.   Maybe I’ll find it one day and post it here…

I have done prayer journals, or regular journals for many years; since the time Shane and I have been married for certain.  I had a diary when I was a teenager.  I blogged for several years at homeschoolblogger, but that fizzled when Facebook came along.  A few months ago I decided to resurrect  my blog here at WordPress and am loving it!

I’m not certain I’ll ever have a huge following.  Honestly, i don’t think I’m that great of a writer.  I’m not intriguing or captivating, I just write what is on my heart.   I’m not even sure I WANT a huge following…I think my head would get too big and pride would swell into something not very attractive.

Sometimes I get hurt feelings at what other people say about what I write.  I want to be liked, but I also like to let “it all hang out” so to speak.  I keep things real. I say what’s on my mind, so I’m going to get negative feedback from time to time.  God is teaching me through this…

I write on a variety of topics as I have thoughts.  Sometimes I write and never publish my thoughts, I just need to get them out of my head.

Writing clears my head so other things can fill up the space.

I LOVE to write!

How about you? Do you love to write?  Or is it a chore?


6 thoughts on “Write. 5 Minute Friday

  1. I love write as well. And often times my favorite blog posts from others are those where they let something that isn’t so wonderful “all hang out.” It lets me know they’re real and it helps combat the image of a perfect life that social media often causes us to believe. Thanks for sharing!


    • Michelle you’re in the right place to see real here…I’ve been almost too real sometimes…I’ve been very real with my struggles with hormone/thyroid and the ugliness that coincided with it.


  2. “Writing clears my head so other things can fill up the space.” EXACTLY! For me it also gives me clarity on ideas and situations. While I write in a blog for an audience I am still really just writing for me.
    Thanks for sharing!


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