Journey to Wellness- Standard Process

So  Dr. David has been a tremendous help on my journey, but unfortunately, he does not use or recommend Standard Process products.  😦  I have found them to be crucial in my journey and have several friends that benefit from them.  From the research I have done, they are a fabulous, whole food product line and I wish he would use them 🙂

Dr. Martin started me on a couple of Standard Process products about 4 years ago.

Simplex F (balances women’s hormones) and Black Currant Oil and then the Iodomere for a short time.

So Standard Process is part of why I’ve added the latest health care professional to my journey.   Here’s the story:

David had recommended a couple of hormone balancing supplements.  Vitex (or Chaste Tree), and when that didn’t work,  a Maca product called  Femmenessence.  Well, for some reason, those things started wacking me out again!

NO way I was doing that to my family again!

Near the end of  April I started wondering if I needed to increase the Simplex F.  I did some research online and found many women taking more than 3 a day.

I also started researching adrenal fatigue, and found that I had almost every symptom.  Which is not a surprise.  I had been putting my body through hell.

My friend was taking a SP (Standard Process) product called Drenamin, recommended by her chiropractor, for adrenal fatigue.  I ordered some from Amazon and figured if I didn’t notice a difference I would pass it on to my friend.  And if I did.  I’d go see my friends chiropractor.

I found a youtube video on self muscle testing (I definitely don’t think this is the BEST way but it worked for me in a pinch and amazingly, it ended up being close to what I actually needed).  I increased my Simplex F by several tablets a day, and about a week later, I started taking several tablets of the Drenamin a day.

Between those two things I noticed another BIG jump in the way I felt!

I started this regimen right before we left to visit Knoxville in April. When I got back, I made an appointment with Dr. Deems.  My friend had told me about her about 5 months ago.  She uses Standard Process AND does muscle testing.

I am still seeing David too, and I think the two make an excellent pairing!

Today, I continue to take a mini-meal with breakfast.  And about 8 pills at dinner (a micro-mini meal).  These supplements are  a mix of what David and Dr. Deems has recommended and apparently they are working for me because…

I’ve taken another big jump on my journey to wellness!

And in fact, Dr. Deems has decreased my Simplex F and Drenamin over the last couple of months.  I’m weaning off some of these supplements.  Some of the supplements I’ll probably continue to take for the rest of my life.

Next week, I’ll talk about some standard supplements that EVERYONE should be taking (such as vitamin d) give you some places to research about them, so you can determine for yourself if you’d like to add them to your routine.  I’ll also describe more of my journey with oil-pulling and dry brushing.   I’ll also provide some links where you can purchase quality products if you’d like to do so.

Once again, I’m not a medical professional, nor do I offer medical advice.  I am only recounting my personal journey.  Dr. David is available for consultation and so is Dr. Kelly Deems, she is a precious, knowledgeable Christian woman and takes appointments on M-W-F.  She is low tech and has no website at the present time.  Below is her contact information.

Dr. Kelly Deems 816-229-6700, 1970 North West Copper Oaks Circle, Blue Springs,MO 64015.

If you contact either of these health professionals, please tell them I recommended them.

 Have a wonderful blessed day!