Been There Done That, LOVED it!

Hi Ladies!  (and anyone else that happens by my blog today).

Wow!  I was kind of surprised when I got my Confident Heart study email today and we’re blog hopping; especially since the study doesn’t start until Monday!

I LOVE blog hop Thursdays.  I am always so encouraged by writing about how God has been working in my life through the Bible study.  And SO encouraged by reading what other people have to say.   I often found that there were similar themes going on in many lives…God was definitely at work on blog hop Thursday!

My first OBS was the last one, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God .  It was a WONDERFUL experience.  I learned so much, and grew so much.  It helped me regroup and refocus on the Lord.  I said Yes to getting out of the nasty, ugly rut I was in.

This Bible study was what I had been missing!

For those of you who are thinking, how can this possibly work?

There are SO many ladies!

How can we really get to know each other when we are miles, cities, states, and maybe even oceans away from each other?

There is NO way so many ladies can be so involved with each other when we’re so far away!

Quite honestly, I was amazed at the intimacy of the study.   But I’m here to tell you that somehow, someway, it DOES work!

I have a new friend in DENMARK!

I have a new friend right down the road from my hometown of Knoxville (she’s in the NE area of Tennessee-I’m near Kansas City, Missouri now)

I have a new friend that prayed for my husband and asked me how things were going as he was searching and changing jobs over the last several weeks!  (He is in week 3 and things are going very well).

I have others whose name I recognize when I read the comments or “visited” with at the Facebook parties!

I have others that posted their struggles and prayer requests, and I continue to pray for them when God brings them to mind!

All because of the YES to God study!

Oh Ladies!  I can hardly WAIT for Sunday when we officially get started!

I must add, that you only get into it what you get out of it.

I encourage the new ladies to jump right in, don’t be shy.


Is it Monday yet???????????


7 thoughts on “Been There Done That, LOVED it!

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I love that you loved Yes to God so much. It’s true, you get out of it what you put into it. I am amazed sometimes, at the love and caring we all share with what might seem to others like perfect strangers. Blessings and enjoy the study!!

    Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader)


    • That was one thing that blew me away Kris, the love and care shown to everyone. No judgement, just LOVE and encouragement as so many (including me) shared their life’s struggles.


  2. I’m excited that a lot of the Say Yes girl will be join this study. I loved your blog and i truly related to you. it true you make friends all over the world. Its a very powerful study because God is with us doing the whole time. I’m so excited that I have already started a little bit of chapter 1. lol Bless you and may this study be powerful for you.


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