Five Minute Friday- Ordinary

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5 minute Friday again.  Today’s word is ordinary.  You can join us here if you’d like.

The word for the day is ordinary.  Time starts NOW:

There is nothing ordinary about our life at the moment.   I can think of 3 things recently that are absolutely NOT ordinary:

For 11 years, things were more ordinary, but one must really wonder…

What is ordinary?

Is there a thing such as ordinary?

Yes and no, but I don’t have time to write about everything and I’ve already started so I’ll go with my original thought.

Number 1

Shane changed jobs about 3 weeks ago and we’re still getting used to the ebb and flow of life with him working from home.   He had been with Bott Radio Network for 11 years…and this has been quite a change.

He’s working from home!

This is something we’ve prayed about for many years.

I LOVE having him home more often, even if he is at his desk in our room making calls, researching potential clients and doing paperwork.  He’s HERE.

It’s wonderful

However, our home routine is a bit disrupted.

“Go ask Dad” is much easier to say when I know he’s here.

Taking a shower is much harder…although I think Shane really enjoys it 🙂

We’re still getting used to having him here.

Or, will he be out and about on calls in the city?

Every day is different.

We are handling it well, but we ALL are creatures of habit and routine.

Not knowing when Daddy will be home, or when he will be gone is a bit different than we’ve been used to.

It has been wonderful to not worry about him driving into the city at 6 am.  (getting up a 5–especially if he has a late night).


Number 2

Our van has been in the shop 3 times in the last 3 weeks…fuel pump issues.  And we had the same issues when we got stranded for 2 days in Effingham, IL a few months ago.

There is NOTHING ordinary about having the SAME car problem over and over again.  In fact, it can be a bit frustrating!

In my van’s defense, we don’t KNOW yet if it’s the fuel pump this time; however, that’s where my money is, since it only drove for 48 hours before acting up again.

Number 3

In addition to the other 2 things,  my Daddy got married.  Now, there is NOTHING ordinary about that!

He had been single for 30 years!  Always said he wouldn’t marry again.

And there he goes.

And she is a precious lady and such a blessing to him.

And I am EXTREMELY happy for him.

But how many of you have Daddy’s in their 70’s getting married?

There you have it.  Three in-ordinary things about our life right now.

Thankfully, I have a God that I trust to get us through these in-ordinary adjustments.  And one that knows WHY our mechanic can’t find the root of our car problems.


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