Journey to Wellness – Healthy Eating

So I think I need to go back and tell you about my journey to healthy eating. Healthy eating is part of my wellness journey.  Next week, I’ll share some of the other things I’ve been doing to get healthy.

Eating real food more often than fake food.

Learning about real foods is the one good thing that came from the doctor that spiraled my progesterone out of control.

Dr. Number 2 if you’re keeping track.

As a kid I remember eating waffles on Sunday morning- Mom would mix the batter from scratch and then she’d ladle it onto my Grandma’s old waffle iron with a measuring cup. I can still smell the goodness wafting from that waffle iron.

Or, cakes from scratch. Complete with the flour-y mess all over the counter.

My mom’s background is Polish and German. We’d have keilbasa and saurkraut, perogi, and  golumpki.  Or sometimes we’d have hamburger helper before hamburger helper was created. We called it hamburger, rice and tomato- the filling for golumpkis.

I remember one year my Grandma brought a suitcase full of goodies to cook up while she was visiting from New York state. She made sausage in the basement. She made home made lasagna with sauce that she’d cook for hours. If I could, I’d put it up against any Italian’s best lasagna ever. Yes, it was that delicious.

Cooking was her gift. In fact, when she died my mother and I looked for a crematory container suitable for her. We didn’t find one. Guess where her ashes are? Yes! She’s buried in her recipe box!

So all of this to say that I was raised on real food!

But several things changed over the years.

Mass production convenience food made it easier and cheaper to cook food.

Ramen noodles and Rice A Roni.   For a gal that loved carbs they were the best!


But quack doctor number two convince me to start a real food journey.

My journey to real food began when I learned that pesticides mimic estrogen.

Then your body stops making it.

Then you have none.

Ever wonder why men are walking around acting more effiminate these days? YES! It’s because their bodies are absorbing the pesticides making them more girly!

Thus began my journey to eating more real foods.

In addition to pesticides that mimic estrogen I also discovered that there are:

More pesticides on produce today than ever before
Lead in cans
GMO foods are very different than a hybrid. Genetically modified food is NOT even food! It’s fake-r than pre-packaged mashed potatoes.

Here’s what I do:

I avoid the dirty dozen as much as possible  and know the clean 15

I avoid high fructose corn syrup (or as Shane calls it E (evil) HFCS)

I buy tomatoes in glass jars when at all possible.  Tomatoes are acidic and can leach the lead out of the can.

Avoid MSG as much as possible–it’s terrible for you!

Avoid soy, and corn unless it’s organic, these are two of the most GMO plants right now.

We buy raw milk from a local farmer

And yikes! We don’t pasteurize it either- takes away all the nutritional value!

Tabitha convinced me that homogenized, pasteurized, store bought milk has NO nutritional value several years ago when it took 4-5 cups of that junk to fill her tummy as opposed to about 1/2 cup of farm fresh cows milk only days earlier.  (We were on vacation and had not taken enough real milk with us).

I try to make my own bread when I have time.  (Haven’t had time lately, so we’ve resorted to store bought at Trader Joe’s).

Organic when it’s affordable  Whole foods often has sales.

We have started raising our own meat. Grass fed Jersey cow tastes amazing! Pork raised on dirt.  And have chickens on and off, right now, we’re off.

Bone broth

Hormone free dairy products

Kombucha and kefir come and go; I’d like them to me more of a staple though

Fermented foods – cabbage, salsa (oh the flavor!) pickles, lacto-fermented lemonade!
Again, I’m not as diligent as I’d like to be but it’s my goal.

For the record Trader Joe’s has become one of my favorite places to shop!

Am I hard and fast? NO! We eat food that I know is not good for us from time to time- ice cream is often in our freezer :).

Sometimes when I’m a bad mom and forget my children are hungry when I’m not I buy them prepackaged fake cheese and crackers.

In a pinch I’ve even been known to buy something with hfcs: while I’m cringing.

All of that said, I would NEVER refuse to eat food offered by friends and family.  Friendship and fellowship come well before being a real food snob to the degree of offending those I love dearly!

I have always said I’ll do the best I can with what I have.

It’s paying off.

The other day Isaac ate at Mcdonalds.

He said it tasted nasty!


I’ve made progress 🙂

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  1. I love this and agree that we need to be careful what we put in our bodies and those of our children. I did not know that about the estrogen – wow pretty scary!! And even though I know I need to do better, I really do fail big time in this area (keeping it real 😉 )


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