#Perfectlove: Everyone is Broken

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Hello Confident Heart Ladies!  Welcome !  I have been pondering all week what I would write for the blog hop today, and then it hit me!  Nothing was coming to me because God had already given me most of it.  I have edited  some this morning but I wrote most of this Tuesday evening, soon after our conference call with Sheila Walsh.

Tuesday night was our Connection Call with the Confident Heart online bible study.  Last time I didn’t sign up for the calls until I had a “feeling” that  Mandisa was going to be instrumental in my healing…and I was right!  Her call blew me away and her music has ministered to me many hours since that call.

And I knew I wasn’t about to miss any of the calls this go round.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Tonight Sheila Walsh was with us.

This precious child of God is REAL and RAW and TRANSPARENT!

And she SPOKE to my heart!  And the heart of many others.

I had tears in my eyes several times as she spoke.

Sheila had so much!  I will be chewing on it for quite a while, I can’t even process every good thing she said tonight.

But one thing I took away tonight was this statement:

“There are broken people in every room”

Sheila was referencing an event that she had spoken at years earlier;  in response, I could not help but think:


Sin entered the world through one man…

Jesus came to save sinners…

He came to seek and save the lost…

If we weren’t broken we’d be perfect.

This is what I have been writing about in other posts.

I have seen other women writing about it.

Everyone is broken, but not everyone is willing to admit it.

When we are unwilling to admit our brokenness, we fool ourselves.

We hide behind the mask that we are perfect.

But we aren’t perfect.

We forget we are sinners

We forget that we are lost

We forget about God’s mercy

We forget about God’s grace

We put ourselves upon pedestals above others

We build walls with those around us.

But God’s love is PERFECT! 

He sent his son to redeem us from our brokenness

His son was beaten and bruised for MY transgressions!

Not for His!

He did NOTHING to even remotely deserve the abuse he received at the hands of the Jews!  At MY hands!

It was for MY sin

It was for YOUR sin

It was

for EVERY sin

that has




IF you know Him as your Savior, Redeemer, LORD and Friend.

And through the confession of our sin, we are (somehow) set FREE!

Oh LORD! Never let me forget that I am broken!  Never let me forget that YOU are an amazing Savior!   Never let me forget that without YOU I am NOTHING!  That is it through you alone that I am made whole, that I am made perfect.  I cannot hide under a mask from YOU! You KNOW me LORD, even though those around me may not!

LORD, remind me to RUN to you when I want to hide behind the facade of perfectionism…


This is NOT the song I was looking for, but it’s the song God wants here 🙂

Have a wonderful blessed day!


8 thoughts on “#Perfectlove: Everyone is Broken

  1. So true. The conference call was amazing tonight. Your blog reminded me of an old Steve Green song “Broken and Spilled out”. Until we are broken the beautiful fragrance does not go out to others. Just like a broken pot. A light in a clay pot will not shine out to others, but put some cracks in it and wow, how beautiful! But we think our broken pot is ugly so we cover it or hide it.


  2. Every one is broken, but not every one is willing to admit it. Those words spoke to me and were exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you. God does work in mysterious ways.


  3. BROKEN–a word I didn’t want in my life. Interesting that several years ago, I did a Bible study through the Lord’s Table. You have a coach that looks at the answers of the questions that we answered. Anyway she was saying that you should come to God broken. It was right after our daughter died and I said I didn’t want to go there because I had already been broken enough by our daughter’s death. But through the years, I have learned there is more to that word.

    Since my husband has been sick with cancer, I have learned that it is my way to the Lord. Would I go to him if I were not broken. Probably not. I would do it all on my own. Then I would not know that my Savior is my confidence and that I need him to get through each and every day.

    Since Danny has been so ill lately everyone asks, “How are you all doing.” My answer, had been,
    “We are hanging in there.” And we are. God is getting us though. Danny over heard me say that one day, he told my that it sounded like I was telling everyone that we were not doing very well during this time. So I changed it to “We are doing just fine.” Even though we weren’t, I agree that we do put on facades so people will think that we are doing just fine even when we are not. It is not easy keeping that up. People know that you are not. They want to help and that is another thing that I am having a hard time with. I don’t know what to tell them when they say, “Is there anything we can do for you?” I can’t really think of anything other that pray for us. I know that I need to ask more but I feel guilty when I do and that takes away their blessings if I do that. This is something I need to work on. We have a wonderful Church Family and they are not perfect but they have brought us meals, visits, and prayer. I said something about the cars needed washing to the PT lady today and I had told her about feeling guilty about asking for things. She said it would be good to ask someone to wash the cars. You see I hadn’t even thought of that one.

    Well I will just have to say, I am a work in progress and no I am not perfect. So where is my hope and confidence today? It is the Lord God my savior.

    Thank you for your BLOG.


  4. Christine, your words moved me to tears and so did the song. Can you please share this song with Group 25? One of the things that I love about OBS is the fact that ALL women, no matter where they are in life, struggle with the same issues in their lives. What is so amazing is that we can heal each other through Christ. Thank you for reminding us that it is okay to be broken.

    Blessings )I(

    Kelly (OBS Small Group Leader)


  5. I loved how you broke this down and feel that it should be shared with many on my FB as there are many faint of heart there tonight. Thank you for sharing.. I’ve not done mine yet, guess I wasn’t sure how it worked, but just reading everyones blog has been a blessing!


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