Rejected by People, but Not by God – I Believe

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For many years, I (and my family)  have been rejected by several people that SHOULD love us.

We find out after the fact that we’ve been excluded from activities when we could have easily been invited.

Or we’re told about activities and we’re not invited.

Shane and I have both received phone calls or emails (bombs) where we’ve been raked us over the coals,

and, we’ve basically been disowned by at least one person without explanation.

We have NO idea why.

Others that should love us manipulate and twist.

Never apologizing

Never repenting

Never accepting any responsibility

Always blaming us

Or others

for the shambles the relationships are in.

However I believe that:

I am NOT rejected by God

I am LOVED with an everlasting love

My God in his steadfast love will meet me;

God keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments,  ( I LOVE YOU LORD!)

I will count it all JOY when I face trials

Jesus was rejected of men, but loved and accepted by God!

I am in good company!

I refuse to let the rejection define today…

for tomorrow I may fail…

And when I do, He will pick me back up and remind me that no matter what man rejects me,

HE will NEVER leave or forsake me!

Praise God!

*** We have tried multiple times and multiples ways to restore these relationships over many years.  We have sought counsel with wise men, and church leadership.   We have gone multiple times to the people involved, we’ve sought Biblical counseling.   (who mainly agreed with us, but still the other party did not change).  Unfortunately, none of things things have brought success.  We have done all we can to fulfill the Scripture,” if possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” 

But sometimes it still HURTS!


12 thoughts on “Rejected by People, but Not by God – I Believe

  1. It may come back to bite me Jane, but I’m being real! I refuse to hide under that mask any longer. This pain is part of what has taken away my confident heart. We are precious in God’s sight sweet sister and no matter what man does to us we CAN rest in HIM!


  2. I am encouraged to see that you fall back on God’s Truth in scripture that you are Loved and Redeemed and Victorious through Him who wins in the end. I pray that these verses continue to bring you comfort and encouragement! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Missy Pettigrew (Small Group Leader & Prayer Team)


    • Kate, I have realized that these people are in a different place in their walk, I do not judge their salvation. The truth is we all have, at times, exhibited such behavior. Really, it’s by God’s grace alone that any of us can exhibit behavior worthy of Christ; our humanness is quite the opposite.


  3. I know we all have experienced this…I did last week when a young lady at church that we have long considered as another daughter wanted to “just share some things from her heart” via a loooong text message, not face to face, and basically said, “You know I love you, but I’m cutting you out of my life.” I’m not going to walk that path until God tells me it is time, because the moment I read it, I gave it to God. He promised to fight my battles for me, so I’m allowing it.


  4. I’ve been dealing with rejection from several family members lately and I really appreciate the reminder that God loves me no matter what anyone else chooses to say or do. I have to pray for the people who hurt me and allow God to deal with them – it’s not my responsibility to worry about anyone’s actions but my own. Thank you for this post!


  5. Thank you ladies! All of your comments have encouraged me. More often than not, when something happens to trigger the hurt again, I fall into a pity party. But NOT today! God is an AWESOME God!


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