Five Minute Friday-Laundry

This is a post in response to Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday link up.  Here are the details if you’re interested in joining us. 

Today’s word.  Laundry.  GO!

Actually I was quite surprised when I saw this word.


How boring!

How mundane!

How monotonous!

But oh, how SO necessary in our life!

In a perfect world we could all walk around as Adam and Eve in the garden.  They were innocent, and had no shame at walking around in their birthday suit.  But then sin entered the world and all things changed.

God made clothes suitable for them.

Today, clothes are suitable for us.

We are no longer innocent like Adam and Eve were in the Garden.

Clothes cover the nakedness.

Clothes are a good thing!

Clean clothes are even better.

Quite honestly, sometimes clothes cause trouble in our house.

Clothes piled in my boys room,

The dirty cloths on the floor.

The clean clothes on the dresser.

Little 7 year old clothes that have been worn mixed in with clean clothes that haven’t.

What’s a mom to do?


Every day.

2 loads a day in our house gets the job done.


Wow was that random nothingness or what?????


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