Self Esteem or God Esteem

For many years there has been a push for people to have “good self-esteem.”

Schools have pushed it.

Counselors have pushed it.

Employers have pushed it.

Church leaders  have pushed it.

In and of itself this sounds like a good idea. 

We want to feel good about ourselves.

We want to think we are worth something.

We want to be able to solve our own problems.

We want to accept ourselves for who we are.

We want to be loved!

In fact, some would say we have RIGHT to feel good about ourselves!

God put that desire in us!   He put the desire for us to feel wanted and loved deep within us when he created us in the inmost place.

However, when it comes down to it, self-esteem feeds the selfishness within all of us.

Look around.

Self esteem has not been our friend.  People are more broken, more hopeless than any time in modern history. They are looking to fill the void that self-esteem has created in their lives.

They look for it in other people.  Shacking up is more popular than marriage today.   And when the breakup comes devastation comes.

They’re making babies that they think will fill the void, yet the babies don’t and then they’re shouldered with a responsibility that they don’t know how to handle.

They have no purpose, no direction, no reasoning.  People are walking around aimlessly with no goal in life but to make it until Friday.  So they can party until Monday and start all over again.

Where’s the worth in that?

So, let’s take a look at where self-esteem came from.

“In the mid-1960s, Morris Rosenberg and social-learning theorists defined self-esteem as a personal worth or worthiness.[6] Nathaniel Branden in 1969 defined self-esteem as “the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness. (Wikipedia)”

**  Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life in 1859.  (Have you ever seen the complete title, yeah, I didn’t think so)  Although his writings weren’t  widely accepted until much later. This was the beginning…

**  Until the 1920’s it was illegal to teach evolution in schools. Then the Scopes trial began.

**  Madalyn Murray O’Hair went to the Supreme court in 1963 to end Bible reading from schools and succeeded.

** A year earlier, “officially sponsored” prayer was removed from school with the case Engel v. Vitale. 

** Roe v. Wade ruled in favor of abortion on  January 22, 1973

So apparently the push for good self-esteem came around the same time that the push for removing God began.  It’s also interesting to note that Roe-vs-Wade came just a few short years later.

Thus the deterioration of personhood began.

Interesting correlation, wouldn’t you say?

Up until that time, people found their worth in knowing that they were created by a loving God.

They heard it at home.

They heard it public school.  In fact schools were begun so children could learn to read the Bible.

But, over time, men built the tower of Babel after all, and God was forgotten.

So what is God Esteem?

Very simply, God esteem is when we find our worth, or value in God and in Him alone.

Does this mean we don’t care about what others think?

Not at all!

This means that if we are pleasing to God, we will be pleasing to those that matter the most in our lives.

For example.  One of my greatest goals is wanting to please my husband and children.

If I am following Scripture.  i.e.  respecting my husband, training my children, loving them as Christ loves the church I WILL be pleasing my husband and children.

If I find my worth because I was created in the inmost place by the same hands that formed the stars, moon, sun, trees, and each animal,  then I have worth and value in knowing that the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE and all things in it, cared enough to form me, to make me exactly as I am.

When we are taught that we were created from a blob somewhere there is no reason to have any esteem other than what comes from within.

When we’re created from nothingness

We’re nothing.

We must elevate ourselves and make ourselves special.

But when we’re created by the hands of God, when we seek Him and serve Him and long for Him,

we realize we are something!

When we are  AMAZED that a being so vast, so HUGE, so AWESOME would dare to think of someone so lowly, as us, a small speck on a tiny planet (much like the Who’s of Whoville in Dr. Seuss)

we realize our worth comes from that knowledge.

And we are humbled.

Yet, we are exalted through Him and His love and mercy and grace.

That not only did he form us by His hand, he also sent his ONLY son- begotten by a virgin, to the earth to live as a human sacrifice,

doing something no man can do, by living a perfect, sinless life.

And taking our sin and shame to the Cross in our place,

we realize that we don’t need to esteem ourselves

Because God, through Christ, has esteemed us to a place worthy of Him.

We are special because of Him who made us,

We are special because of Him who sacrificed His son.

We are special because of Him who bore our guilt and shame.

We are special because HE loved us enough,

not because we love OURSELVES enough!

Do you know that God loves you enough?  It’s true.  God loves YOU, yes even you, messed up, broken, hurting one, enough that he sent his son in your place.  You don’t have to be burdened any longer. You can be set free.

Will you put your hope in the One that created you?  Will you seek freedom in Christ and no longer in a chasing of the wind that has no purpose.

Dear one, I’ve been where you are.  Broken, alone, without hope, chasing everything but that which really matter.

He desires you to seek Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

This IS your PURPOSE!

This IS where FREEDOM lives!

Nothing that you can do, but everything that He does!

If I can encourage you on that journey please leave a comment and I will contact you!







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