Journey to Wellness: Good Health for All –Women (Men Stop Here)

Hey guys…you can just skip right over this entry; however, you might want to encourage your wife to read it…  It is pretty personal and female… Some of these things I mention will be quite beneficial for you; however, I do get pretty personal about breast health…so…

Women, there are some things that are good for your men here, but it’s pretty personal so maybe it’d be better if you shared it.

Dr. Deems recommended BRAS thermography here in KC.  I have mentioned  my support of thermography over mammography.  And even the medical community is BEGINNING to see this.  I encourage you once again, to PLEASE research it.  do a search on breast thermography.   Mammography has high levels of radiation, is EXTREMELY uncomfortable, is less effective if you have dense breasts and CAN spread cancer!  In addition, it’s accuracy rate is actually quite low.  Thermography is non-invasive,  doesn’t involve squishing important body parts, and can detect problems LONG before a mammogram!  It works well with regular self breast exams.

Here’s some places to start with research:

In fact, the only place I could find that refuted thermography over mammography was the FDA.  We all know how reliable they are, don’t we?  How many drugs have they approved without enough adequate testing.  Lawsuits abound because of the FDA.  In fact, the FDA pretty much supports the mainline medical community at large, including big-pharma.

Folks I was headed to CERTAIN breast cancer!  It’s taken a few years, but I am HEALTHY!   And I am healthy without big pharma!

I, in fact, had a baseline mammogram (like a good girl at 40) something was detected, I went for an ultrasound and was cleared.  My first thermogram was a couple of years later.

Guess where the hottest hotspot was on my thermogram?


Right where there mammo had found it, and the ultrasound cleared me!

I hate to think of where I’d be if I had continued down that path!

In this month of pink ribbons, I must vehemently oppose mammograms!  And pink ribbons!  (It started as an advertising campaign and apparently has worked quite well!)  Susan G. Koman sends much of its money to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country (and just in case you didn’t know, there is a STRONG correlation between breast cancer and abortion!)   I could get really crass here and say that I’ll support pink ribbons for breast cancer when they design blue balls for prostate cancer that they’ll put on everything including womens makeup!…but I’ll refrain.  I am so tired of seeing everything pink (including honking big football players tossing pink flags and redneck NASCAR drivers sporting pink ribbons on their muscle cars! )

And I don’t think seeing t-shirts with”save the tatas” on well endowed women is much better.  REALLY? Tell me how THAT’S going to fight breast cancer!

Seriously though, there are a multitude of cancers that are dangerous and life threatening, yet we don’t have entire months devoted to them, or colored ribbons t-shirts that say “save the lungs”  “save the colons” etc.

Getting off my soap box and on to why you’re really here…

At BRAS recommendation I have also started dry brushing, oil-pulling and doing breast massage.  Here is a site that will give you a short overview of the hows of oil pulling.  Here is a page I found on breast massage .   Here is a link on dry brushing.   And another one. 

Dry brushing is good for your lymphnodes, oil pulling pulls toxins out of your body, and breast massage can help your lumpy-ness.

Here is what I think these things have done for me.


My teeth are whiter.

I feel like I’ve lost some weight.  I haven’t been on a scale in YEARS but I’m wearing clothes I couldn’t wear a few months ago.  🙂

My mouth feels cleaner.

Dry brushing invigorates me!

Breast massage is said to help lumpy breasts and I’ve noticed mine don’t feel as lumpy 🙂

Moving on…

Lets talk about undergarments, shall we? (this is REALLY the section the guys can pass over, please)

Underwire bras can inhibit lymph flow and the research I’ve seen says you want your lymph glands to flow 🙂  Good lymph flow is crucial to good breast health. Rarely do I wear an underwire bra any more, maybe on Sunday or a special occasion.

There are several brands on the market that are non binding.  But according to Linda, at BRAS, you don’t want a sports bra, they squish and push out and  according to my thermogram tech,  they aren’t any better than an underwire…you want a bra that doesn’t do these things.   It should be non-binding, and pull in.  These kind of bras are significantly less expensive than the pricey underwires I had previously purchased 🙂

Personally, I’ve found that I like the Genie bra.  And yes, it works for me, even though I’m a little better endowed than some folks I know.  Oh, and here’s a hint, instead of pulling over, step into it and pull it up. MUCH easier.

Now, I’ll be honest with ya, wearing the Genie bra doesn’t make me quite as perky; but let’s face it… I am closer to 50 than I am to 40, so even if I spent big bucks at Victoria Secrets things wouldn’t be the same as I was when I was 20.

Did you follow that?

Below are a list of some of the supplements that helped me (and I think can be beneficial for everyone.)

Vitamin D is essential to fight against cancer, and colds and increases energy, depression etc. Check out this site for a guideline, and PLEASE get a blood test done first.  You can find them online for a reasonable cost.  If you have an HSA, they should pay for it.   Vitacost (and others carry inexpensive vitamin D supplements; however, watch for soy).  Healthy Origins brand seems to be the least expensive and no soy.  Vitacost brand unfortunately has SOY!   My vitamin D level was 18   when I had it checked about 5 years ago!  EXTREMELY low! Now it is around 58 , within normal guidelines.  BTW, children should be taking it too!  And darker skinned people need more!  My theory, though unproved, is that dark skin reflects the suns rays instead of absorbing it and that is why, again totally unproven!

Black Currant oil is  essential for breast health.  Vitacost has their brand that has worked extremely well for me. No soy!

High EFA Fish oil is a must.  It’s good for brain health.  Foggy, scattered thinking is a distant memory.  Again, Vitacost brand is a good, quality product as is Life Extension and sometimes they have theirs REALLY cheap.

Here’s a link to a good article on Life Extension about it.  You can also order blood tests there.

There is an affiliate link in the sidebar to Vitacost.  If you choose to purchase these items,  please click through my link.  Thanks.

Let me mention thyroid issues. I had been telling my D.O. for years that I thought my thyroid was not right.  My blood work always showed that my thyroid was functioning in normal ranges to a medical doctor.  But blood tests are not always the best indicator.  Especially with the thyroid.  You can have blood work numbers that are in the normal range and have hypothyroidism.  Dr.  David has some sort of mathematical equation he uses with all the thyroid numbers.  He also checks the thyroid the old-fashioned way, by feeling for inflammation.  Amazing, huh?   He has me taking a neat little product that I drop in my water and drink.  It’s under $15.00 for a little bottle that lasts forever.  Thyroid is something you need to be checked out so call Dr. David, he can help you!

Thyroid deficiency can also lead to poor breast health!

There is also a chronic thyroid illness called Hashimoto’s that many people have that affects thyroid.  Thankfully I don’t.

Simplex F and Drenamin, both by Standard Process have been two life changing supplements for me.  There is also a counterpart (Simplex M)  for men, but I highly recommend muscle testing by a medical professional before beginning anything that affects hormones!

Remember my previous posts?  Trust me!  You DON’T want to experiment with hormones without a qualified persons guidance!!!!!!!!!

One more thing I want to mention.  It will sound crazy to you, but it works! Earthing/Grounding has been SO beneficial for me.  It is good for men and women alike.  Arthritis runs in my family.  My Grandma suffered from it, my Daddy suffers from it, and I started noticing symptoms in my 20’s.  I have NO pain when I’m grounding regularly!  I highly recommend this book:  Earthing 

Here is a website where you can research  It reduces inflammation, and increases blood flow, it can also help carpel tunnel syndrome.  The most inexpensive way is to go outside barefoot and stand on the earth.  Being at the ocean with the saltwater is even better.  Concrete is conductive so barefoot on concrete works too.

Here’s the first video I found on how to build your own:

And here’s another one:

This company sells supplies; however, they told me that those that “discovered” earthing are sue happy; so they are careful not to tell you exactly what items to purchase.    These items work for me:

The plug to gator grounds fabrics/drapes etc. easy enough.  And this is a great inexpensive material to make those drapes, sheets etc. out of.


Excellent for Static Discharge and Grounding

OK, I think that’s it!  I’ll have my next thermogram in a couple of weeks…should be within normal ranges.  I’ll let you know 🙂  And maybe, just maybe we can get the paperwork moving to join Samaritans Sharing Ministry

Once again, I’m not a doctor and do not offer medical advice.  This is a recollection of my journey and a list of the items that I believe have helped me the most.  The recommendations are ONLY that, and based on research I have done; please do your own research before starting any of these regiments.  Please contact your own medical provider or one I have recommended in earlier posts if you have questions about whether this will work for you.