Social Media Maddness

Shane and I were talking earlier today about social media and what it does to us.  This isn’t new, in fact, I think I’ve blogged about it before…but who says I can’t again?

Facebook deters real life in person friendships.  There people that are supposed to be my real life in person friends.  But with facebook, we rarely see each other or talk anymore.  If we do, the conversation often goes something like this:

What ya been up to?

Oh “I went skydiving, I went rocky mountain climbing and
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu.”

Oh, I saw that on Facebook


Twitter takes away any sort of deep thought at all

Everything you ever wanted to know in 140 characters, or less.

Not to mention the public-ness of it all.

When we visited the  National Archives in KC a few years ago, they told us they were capturing all the tweets as part of the archival system.

Really?  So we’ll have such deep thoughts captured such as:

Paris Hilton: “No, no, I didn’t go to England; I went to London.”

Jessica Simpson: “Sometimes learning the language in my head can be just as hard as communicating with someone foreign. alone time on flights get me everytime.”

50 Cent, on the tsunami that was headed to the West Coast on Friday: “Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.”

Or yeah, I really need to be included in Rosanne Barr and Tom Arnold’s Twitter argument,

Wow!  I can feel the brain cells oozing out of my head as I’m typing this.

Do we REALLY need to read the dirty laundry?

Does it REALLY need to be captured for all of history?

Apparently, I’m one of the few holdouts in the world of twitting…

According to Wikipedia “As of September 2013, the company’s data showed that 200 million users send over 400 million tweets daily, with nearly 60% of tweets sent from mobile devices”

Pinterest takes away hobbies

Apparently you can post  your favorite recipes, pictures of your favorite hobbies, etc. to a make believe board, but I want to know,

do you actually ever make any of them in the real world?

It’s all seems so fake.

In my defense, I guess I could be wrong:

I’m not on twitter

I’m not on pinterest

I am on FB, although there are days I wish I wasn’t.

Hannah deleted her FB account a couple of months ago.

Shane hasn’t been on FB since he left Bott.

IF it weren’t for a very limited number of friendships

distant family members,

Tabitha’s foster family,

Online Bible Study FB parties,

I’d be done with FB.

Give me “old-fashioned” email or blogging

blogging builds relationships;  I have plenty of FB friends from my blogging days at homeschoolblogger to prove it

Or let’s get REALLY old fashioned and actually pick up the telephone or mail a letter to someone we love

What a novel idea.

Wonder if it’ll ever catch on?

btw, If you find yourself off my friends list in the future, drop me an email or better yet pick up the phone and give me a ring.

I’d much rather have a real relationship with you 🙂


4 thoughts on “Social Media Maddness

  1. Well you are right, we do too much with it. I did do Twitter because it sounded like that was the only way to communicate. That they were doing the parties on twitter instead of FB. Since Danny has been soo sick I have picked up playing games to pass some of the time. With the Bible Study, I haven’t done that as much. Thank you for the inspiration.


  2. I hardly twitter, but I find it is a good place to share things like when I post on my blog or to share about someone else. The really cool thing about twitter is it is not so personal as fb in my opinion. On both pinterest and twitter, I have few to no contacts that I have ever met – so my reach is enhanced. I started on both when I was trying to make our landscaping business a success last year. Now I am on them as I feel God has called me to write. BUT I do agree that I spend too much time on the computer / ipad. That is where my social network is – I have few people in my “real” world to socialize with as my friends are flung across the globe. I am agreeing with you that we all need to make sure that we have “real” times too!!


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