If I Feel/Then I Will STOP and…

P31 OBS Blog HopHi Confident Heart Ladies!

I have to confess, I hadn’t even really looked at the If/Then statements until yesterday, Wednesday.  I read the chapter, but I kind of discounted the assignment as a little silly.  It sounded a bit like some pop psychology fix.  I don’t know why, I have been so excited for this Bible study, and have been getting so much out of it; but the last couple of days, I just couldn’t get my “want to” motivated.

so yesterday, I went to finish the questions for the chapter; honestly more out of obligation, than out of desire.  But I have to say, God did an amazing thing;

He turned my blahs around!

Autumn is not my favorite season.  I much prefer Spring when the Dogwoods, Azaleas and Daffodils are blooming and everything is waking up from the winter’s nap.  Yesterday the weather was just plain yucky.  Overcast and cold.  (yeah, ok, not really, especially for the mid-west, but please allow me to garner a little sympathy, if you will)   In fact, if I hadn’t known better, I’d say the sky looked like that dirty 4 letter word that most southern girls don’t like…


After reading the last question in Chapter 3, I started writing my If/Then statements.  By the time I made it here to write down the ones I had jotted down on paper and a few more that God had given me, my funk was gone!  Praise God!

So here they are:

  • When I am rejected by people, I will STOP!  Then I will rejoice in YOUR steadfast, unconditional LOVE Oh God!
  • When I am tempted to measure my worth by how “perfect” (or imperfect) I am, I will STOP!  Then I will remind myself that I don’t have to try to be perfect, because I have already been perfected in YOU!
  • When I am tempted to measure my value by how well I am doing as a CHRISTIAN, I will STOP!  Then I will thank God that my salvation is not dependent on what I do, but every bit of it is dependent on what Christ already DID!
  • When I am put down or manipulated by others, I will STOP!  Then I will remember that YOU God do NOT put down, or manipulate; you did not come to kill and destroy, but you came to give life!  You build up and do not tear down!
  • When I am feeling discouraged I will STOP!  And I will remember to lift my eyes to YOU!  Your LOVE is sweeter than life itself and I can be JOYFUL in the knowledge that you are the great I AM!

Praise You for your promises O Lord !  You are great and mighty and your power to work in my life is magnificent!


11 thoughts on “If I Feel/Then I Will STOP and…

  1. Wow! We serve a wonderful & magnificent God! I am thankful for His promises and thankful you went ahead & did your study questions. Your writing is beautiful. Praying that you, me, all of us doing this study will use our when/then statements! Many blessings to you,


    • Thank you Melanie, I am so thankful that I completed this assignment. I usually discover that when I brush off something, it is exactly what I need the most…satan works like that doesn’t he?


  2. Love your WHEN-THEN statements. I think we all have those exact same emotions and it’s so good to be reminded that God is with us in the midst and is protecting us and loving us in every moment! Thank you for sharing.


  3. So thankful God meets us where we are in times of need. These statements remind us He is always with us no matter what we face! Thank you for sharing in your blog


  4. I love when I’m feeling down or discouraged a few minutes of reading the word or praise music can turn my attitude around. He’s an awesome God. And thanks for being honest


  5. I’m so glad I read this blog! I just realized that I have been brushing off a lot about the OBS lately and I think, scratch that, I KNOW this OBS is exactly WHAT I NEED! So right now, I am going to grab my book, grab my laptop, shut down facebook and turn off the tv, and focus on this study and catch up! Thanks!!


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