Five Minute Friday- Together

Today is Five Minute Friday day.   The rules are to write for 5 minutes, no edits, etc.  about the word that Lisa -Jo gives us each week.

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Today’s word is Together


I LOVE together.

Being together with those I love

Being together with those that love me

But the best being together is with my Lord

I lived my life in the dark for much of my life.

I was empty

I was alone,

I was afraid

but I hid the fear behind the walls, behind the masks, behind the expectations of perfection in myself and everyone else.

Sometimes I still do this!  (More often than I’d really like to, if the truth be told)

However, Jesus found ME!

The God who created the earth and all that is within it, the universe and every star

knows how many hairs are on MY head!

Without Him I was nothing!

With Him I am everything!

It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him.

He has turned my life around

my mourning has been turned in to dancing

His love is sweeter than life

With Him I can face the storms of life without worry

Oh, I still have that bug of perfection, and expectation

the human in me wants to come out

But I will look to the Cross and cling to it

I am learning to put down MY expectations and ideals of perfectionism

I am learning to let Him tear down the walls

to trust Him more completely

to allow Him to fill me instead of seeking satisfaction in those around me

those who will disappoint me

Together –with God’s infinite mercy and grace.