What Is Reformation Day?

I have been wondering why more churches and Christians don’t celebrate Reformation day?

I have to wonder if most even KNOW or have ever heard of Reformation Day.  (We didn’t become aware of it until about 7 years ago).

Do you even know more about Martin Luther than that he penned the words to the beloved hymn “A Mighty Fortress?”

Do you know that he was a monk?

Do you know that he was a priest in the Catholic church?

Do you know that God used him to start the Protestant church?  (This is the church that anyone that is not Catholic attends today)

Reformation day is the anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenburg Germany.  It began the separation of the protestants from the Catholics.

It happens to fall on October 31st

Coincidence?  I believe not.  I have to think that every October God is saddened by the number of Christians that have bought into the lie that Halloween is an innocent little holiday for children to dress up and receive candy.

And by the fact that Reformation day is not taught in churches everywhere.

Here is a link to a short history of why Luther did this. 

And a short history of the reformation:

If you have never watched the movie “Luther” I highly recommend it.

If you’re curious about the complaints Luther had with the church, you can find a link to what Martin Luther nailed to the door here.

EVERY Protestant denomination has Martin Luther to thank.  Without him, we’d all be Catholic.  (and yes, I mean EVERY denomination, or every  denomination that thinks is not a denomination).

Luther was the first to translate the Bible into a language that the common man (i.e. you and me) could read.

Luther pointed out that the Pope has no higher authority than God.  He called the Pope out on many unbiblical discrepancies between the church and the Bible.  Many involving pergatory.

Relics, and Indulgences were spoken against as having no biblical authority

He spoke against the practice of preaching unbiblical doctrine in the churches

The church door was a place where announcements were posted.  Luther did not intend to start a revolution!  He LOVED the church; he only wanted to see it reform some of it’s ways.

He happened to think for himself.

However, God had different plans.

The posting of the 95 Thesis was a life changing event.

A history changing event!

One that has been forgotten amid the Halloween celebrations! 

Halloween celebrates death!  Why would a Christian want to participate in a day that celebrates death?

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!  (John 14:6)

Jesus is the light of the world!  (John 8:12)

In fact, this verse says that whoever walks with Jesus will not walk in darkness.

We celebrate life with Jesus 364 days of the year.  WHY would we choose to walk in the dark one day of the year?

Even in “innocent” fun.

I’m afraid that many Christians have sold out to Satan himself when they choose to walk away from the light and honor this holiday.

Even the history channel admits the  true roots of Halloween.

You can search youtube for parts II and III if you wish.

Why don’t more Christians celebrate Reformation Day?

I wonder if people even KNOW what Reformation Day is?  Why it should be celebrated in churches everywhere?

Halloween is only a “Christianized” version of a pagan celebration of death!

In fact, it appears that it is rooted in the Catholic church.  So my question

Why? O Why? would Christians want to celebrate death when Jesus gives LIFE!

So will you, Christian continue to celebrate a holiday that even the world acknowledges as pagan?  Or will you explore the Reformation?  And possibly chose to celebrate it instead.

If you will, here are some ideas:

  • Rent the movie “Luther” and watch it on October 31st.
  • Have turkey drumsticks (or chicken) for dinner called them “Castle Church Drumsticks”
  • German potato salad (Popish Potatoes)
  • Tetzel was one of the Catholics that refused to change, his theology was twisted.  Serve Tetzel’s pretzels (make your own, be forewarned the twisting takes a lot of work, or buy some).
  • Instead of 7 layer dip serve the “5 sola’s dip and chip.  Don’t know what the 5 sola’s are?  Here you go.
  • Serve Katarina’s Cider  (Martin Luther’s wife was known for making excellent beer, use Apple Cider as a substitute)
  • Read the 95 thesis out loud together.  (take turns so no one gets their voice too worn out).

Play Games:

  • make your own “Coins in the Coffer Toss”  we put a sheet on the ground with different size containers, have the children toss pennies into the containers.  Give a prize (small toy, or candy)
  • Bible Smuggle relay:  (need at least 4 people for this)  Print out a verse in German (free translators abound online).  Have 2 pairs of large pants available.  The children have to put on the pants, grab the “Bible” run to their partner, trade pants, pass the Bible and run to the finish line.
  • “A Mighty Fortress” Musical Chairs – Play “A Mighty Fortress” as the music.  again, give a small prize or candy to the winner
  • If you have several families you can have an “Indulgences” Cake walk.   Walmart has clearance items cheap, or bake your own.

You may not be able to do all of these; chose a couple and start a new tradition!