Journey to Health–Additional Thoughts

So, we’re nearing the end of my journey.  I’ve got a call in to schedule my next thermogram.  I expect another good report.

My last appointment with Dr. Deems brought a reduction in my Simplex F and Drenamin.  4 a day.  Dr. Martin started me on 3 Simplex F a day, and that is what I had continued until earlier this year.  I fully expect that I’ll be taking Simplex F for many more years, it will possibly be among the Vitamin D3, Black Currant, and High EFA Fish oil.

While my journey is not over, I have recounted the last several years, so I feel like this series is over. Although I’ll probably post periodically.

It has been quite the experience.  One I would not wish on anyone I know.

For a long time I was bitter toward the original doctor that started me down this path, but the Yes to God Online Bible Study I recently finished helped me lay that at the foot of the cross.  However, I still don’t know that I’m to the point of thanking God for this journey.  In many ways I feel like I missed my children’s growing up years, and possibly left scars for them to deal with as they age.   Only time will tell.  I fervently pray that somehow God’s grace will be all-sufficient for them, and they will move forward with a comfort that comes from knowing Him who made them had this all in His plan; albeit it wasn’t always pleasant for any of us.

I am extremely thankful for the Doctors that had a part in my wellness journey.   Dr. Martin, Dr. David and Dr. Deems; I could not have gotten well without them!  In fact I shudder to think of where I’d be right now without them!

Have a WONDERFUL day!