Amazing Grace Five Minute Friday

I’m a day late but I’ve been burning up the pavement between here and a nearby town as my older three have been able to work for a friend from church that owns a greenhouse.

The Five Minute Friday’s word is GRACE.  If you would like to understand how it works, click here.

Time starts now:

Everyone needs grace.

I need grace,

you need grace,

the young women who makes a bad decision needs grace,

the young man that looks lustfully upon a young lady,

the child that continues to lie,

the fornicator,

the adulterer

and yes, even Doug Phillips needs grace.  (former President of Vision Forum Ministires)

Sometimes when someone makes poor choices, others confront in unloving ways.

Sometimes the comments made are downright caustic.

As I’ve read about Doug Phillips emotional affair today, (For lack of a better phrase).  I have also read some downright mean and hateful comments about him.  Comments that are cruel, judgmental and condemning.

I’ve never seen a situation where beating someone over the head with their sin softened their heart and compelled them to repent.

Harshness never wins.

Even the world knows this.  Ever heard the saying “you catch more flies with honey than with poop”

So why do Christians think they can be so ugly toward each other?

I don’t know.

But I have to wonder…

maybe it’s because putting down others, raises them in their own eyes?

Or maybe it’s just because they don’t think about how it comes across?

Or maybe they think they’re being helpful.

Or maybe it’s because they momentarily forget that they are sinners themselves, saved by grace through the blood of Christ.

No one has walked this earth perfectly since Jesus walked it approximately 6000 years ago

Why do we expect perfection from others; yet beg for mercy ourselves?

I am reminded of the Bible story where the debtor begged for and was forgiven of a huge sum of debt; yet he turned around and demanded a much smaller debt be paid.

STOP  (Yes, I’m going to keep going…it’s important to finish this thought)

People make poor choices

We sin.

Doug Phillips sinned

We ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God

If we didn’t we wouldn’t have a need for the Savior

He who is without sin, cast the first stone

I didn’t think so…


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  1. You aren’t the last one to join 🙂 It’s good to at least try to view with compassion. I agree. A thoughtful post!


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