P31 OBS Blog HopLast time I wrote for the blog hop I was a bit discouraged.  I had felt forced to dredge up specifics of my past that I had already worked through.  Things that I had REALLY already laid to rest.  I was frustrated, discouraged and almost stopped the study.

But this weeks hashtag #whoIAm  intrigued me.  And I decided to do some studying on my own.

And God is pretty amazing

I was sitting at Isaac and Tabitha’s acting/tap class Monday afternoon and found a website that listed several verses that talked about who I am in Christ.  I had been carrying one of those yellow legal pads all day, which I NEVER do, (I really mean never, I don’t remember a time that I have ever carried a tablet like that in my recent history).

I had picked it up to make some notes about something else, but God had something else in mind. I started writing down some of those verses.

2 Corinthians 5:17 I am a new creation

Eph. 2:10 His workmanship

1 Peter 2:9  a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession

2 Cor. 5:21 the righteousness of God

John 15:15  a friend of God

1 Thes. 5:5  a child of light

Col 3:12 God’s chosen one; holy, beloved

Eph 1:5 adopted

2 Cor 3:16  an Ambassador for Christ

2 Cor 2:15  The aroma of Christ

There are those that condemn me today.  Those that reject me today.

  • Sometimes a total strangers thoughtless words
  • Sometimes a brother or sister in Christ that think they’re being encouraging
  • Sometimes people that “should” accept me.  Relatives, not in my own home, but those close enough to me that it hurts real bad that they don’t.

I say he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

I AM accepted by the Holy, Triune God.

The One who created it ALL!

The one who sent THE Savior to take my sin to the cross.

The one who called me.

And you know what?

If I am pleasing in His sight,  if I am doing my best for Him,

If I am headed toward the prize at the finish line,

even if there are days I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back,

Then I am pleasing to Him.

Even if I am not what YOU think I should be!

(speaking about those that reject me)

Even if I am not what I think I should be!

(when those doubts come and I want to beat myself up)

Even if, and actually, especially since, I am not perfect. 

(and neither are you, even if you pretend to be).

I am perfected in Christ

by His blood

not yours.

I am pleasing to God and that’s all that matters.

Is this something I didn’t already know? NO!  I think it just helped me to process it by writing  it down.

Does this mean I won’t forget again? NO!

But it does mean that I have a place to go.  A place to  look back and remind myself of God’s greatness!


4 thoughts on “#WhoIAm

  1. Thank you for your thoughts and for your honesty 🙂 I pray that God will continue to work through this study to show you great and mighty things, and His wonders to behold! I love this song by Matthew West – I am (You are) a Child of The One True King (of Kings)! yes ma’am! Have a beautiful day in Jesus, dear sister <3, Blessings, Dianna


  2. I love that you did research yourself and dug into the Scriptures!! I love your strength that pours out in what you wrote of who you are in God no matter what others say or think! I am learning that – it has been a long, painful process!!


  3. Thank you for being so honest and true! We are in similiar situations and you have encouraged me so much…I love the video you posted ….What an inspiration that our King is in our lives! Have a blessed day!


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