#Iamnot is not enough

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Oh my goodness ladies! This has been a struggle!

I have been STUCK with a capital S! I have been unable to break through! I have been beating myself up with every sin I’ve committed the last two weeks (or so it seemed).  And from what I’ve been reading, it’s around a bunch of us.  I pray that what I have written can help propel others to see what I was missing.

And the solution was so stinkin simple!  It was one of those duh! moments!

Here it is:

#Iamnot is not enough.

Stick with me here…

I am not perfect
I am not able to not fail

Yes, hang on I do have an amazing point to this!

I do doubt:
I am not good enough
I am not anything special
I am not able to stop worrying
I am not able to follow God consistently

I am not the woman God wants me to be and I never will be.

I haven’t fallen off the deep end- I promise it will be worth your confusion.

God opened my eyes to see what I’ve been missing these last 2 weeks.

#Iamnot is not enough– but God IS enough!

You see it’s not about me
It’s not about you
It’s not about what we’ve done or haven’t done
It’s not about what we feel or don’t feel

It’s ALL about JESUS!

Only with Jesus is it enough-Except that’s not even all there is to it.  Jesus by himself was a good person, some thought he was a prophet, some thought he was a teacher, only a few knew he was Messiah!  See, if we stop short, if we think Jesus was only a good person, a good teacher or a prophet, we miss it!

It’s about Jesus on the Cross

Taking my condemnation.  Taking my guilt.  Taking my shame. Taking the pain that should have been mine!

The pain that I should have endured because of my sin, that one little first sin when I was still a tiny babe, that one sin that I don’t even remember now because I was so young.   And every sin I’ve committed since then.

It’s NAILED to the cross!  Never to be resurrected by the Father again! But resurrected by ME whenever I doubt what He did for me.

He took the pain that I have been heaping upon myself these last two weeks.

I have stood condemned because I forgot about Christ on the Cross!

He took that pain right to Calvary!

It’s ALL about  The Christ!  The Messiah!  The Savior!

The One who stood condemned in my place, and yours.

THIS is why there is now NO condemnation for you or me.

See it’s not about us?

It’s all about the Gospel.

This why all of those things I listed from Renee’s book are not.

Because with Christ on the Cross, I am perfect.  I won’t fail.  I won’t doubt.  I am good enough.  I am special.  I won’t worry.  I will be able to follow Christ consistently.

I will be the woman God wants me to be!

When I remember that Christ took suffered the pain for those sins, then my sin is behind me.  I don’t need self-esteem.  I don’t need to punish myself for blowing it a g a i n!  I only need to rest in the assurance that Jesus took it to the cross.

This is why I’ve been back to beating myself up.  Condemning myself.  And wallowing in it, like our 3 little piglets wallow in the mud in our field.

Here’s the truth.  We will ALWAYS fail; but with God it’s not failure.  It’s His glory shining through that cracked pot lighting up everything around us  with His glory!  (thanks Jane MacDonald and Patsy Clairmont).

You see I cannot do “my best”

my best is filthy rags-

my best is dung.

That is the best I have to offer!

That is the best anyone has to offer!

Used menstrual pads and POOP!

I know it’s gross, but think about it for a moment.  Let it sink in.

That’s what our best by itself is…yeah…gross!

Our best will NEVER be good enough.
We can always try harder.
We can always do better.

But no matter how hard we try,  it’s still yucky menstrual pads  and poop!

It’s not about us working for it at all.  It’s about God at work in us.

Because what I do (yeah, that grossness mentioned above)

God uses!

He uses  it in spite of me.

HE makes my offering something worthy of His GLORY!

He takes my poop and makes it the aroma of Christ!

That is what Christ does to our poop and more…

A fragrance so beautiful we can’t even imagine it.

He covers our filthy rags, he covers our poop with His beautiful, robe of righteousness.

 Robe of Righteousness by Lars Justinen

Isn’t that amazing???


8 thoughts on “#Iamnot is not enough

  1. I haven’t been able to read too many people’s blogs and comments and such, but this is the first response that I’ve come across that is EXACTLY how I have been feeling! The Lord has taken me through some pretty rough stuff over the past year and I’ve come through realizing that my BEST is crap! I’ve tried my best to be “all of these things” (ie. businesswoman, wife, mom, etc) and the bitter taste in my mouth is that I DON’T have anything good in me! So I don’t want to build myself up using the tools Renee has been discussing – what’s the point when it’s already an established fact that I can’t do anything good without Him, without His work on the cross and in my life…


    • Oh Priscilla, I think Renee has some good tools that can be used to help us as we fight the batter. I know the book points us to Christ, but I think the significance is Christ on the Cross. Without the cross there’s nothing. It’s also when we realize what we truly are without Him that He can use us to glorify Himself and when our joy is complete. Thanks for stopping by today. God bless you as you seek to glorify Him.


  2. I wasn’t sure where you were going with this – thanks for telling me to stick with it as I read- So very true. It was such a hard pill for me to swallow some years ago – that I was nothing and that all the good in me is from Jesus, and the only reason that God can even look at me is because Jesus stands between us with His outstretched pierced hands, on my behalf! You are so right that it is only because of Jesus and His death on the cross!! Thanks for reminding me, as though I know it, I still struggle with it!! Thanks for the mention by the way – it made my eyes water 😉


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