whoohoo!!! Thermogram Results!

Do you see that???   The left was 3 months ago.  I just received the report on the right!

God is rarely early, He is never late, He is always right on time.  Our goal was to be to Samaritan Ministries before the end of this year.

Good bye insurance, hello Samaritans!

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4 thoughts on “whoohoo!!! Thermogram Results!

    • Jane, Samaritans is a Christian medical sharing program in the U.S., an alternative to insurance where the patient pays cash for services, and the need is published in the Samaritans newsletter, the members send their monthly share to whoever they are assigned to pay, and they pray. Our Pastor had quad bypass a few years ago, and received prayers from many people along with every expense being paid. We’ve been wanting to do this for about 3 years, but they don’t cover pre-existing conditions. So I needed 6 months of “at some risk” or “low risk” thermogram report before we felt safe moving from traditional insurance. About 2 years ago it was headed that direction, but I started getting bad reports again. (it was a different place, that had moved their lab 3 times and I think their machine was messed up). I was praying that I would have 6 consistent months before the end of this year when all of Obamacare is supposed to go into effect. It is also exempt from the fines Obama wants to charge those that refuse his ridiculous program. (it is so terrible, it has the ability to run our country in short time, and make almost everyone poor, not to mention what it will do, and has already started doing, to healthcare.. Obama is not a fan of freedom, so this is what he desires).


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