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Today’s word is tree.


Oh my goodness when I saw this word, I knew EXACTLY what I would write about.

Our beloved 50 foot tall pine tree that is now a stump.

Those nasty beetles finally got her.

This year the children shot fireworks off of the stump 😦

She was beautiful!  We counted the rings the day she fell, she was about 30 years old.

I love pine trees.  There aren’t many in the midwest, compared to East Tennessee, where I grew up.  I was so excited when we found our place in the country, there were several pine trees, at least 8.  This one sat majestically, by itself.  Positioned where I could look at it out our back window every morning as I did my quiet time.  It was huge, full and beautiful!

then the bugs came.

And one by one, the pine trees died.

Almost all of them.

The big one, the one the children used to climb in so often, they’d come inside covered in sweet, sticky pine sap almost every day each summer, each day a few more layers of sap.

That tree…was still green.  whew!

But one day, I noticed it. The brown death creeping in.

I loved that tree.

I prayed for that tree.

Oh, how I prayed for the Lord to save my beloved pine tree.  Selfish?  Yes.  But she was beautiful.  And there were so many memories. Shane knew a landscaper and asked him if there was any hope.  He was told, maybe since it’s so big…

It took 2 years, but the tree died.

We will not be able to show our future sons and daughters in laws the tree that their beloved would climb, almost to the top, almost every day for many summers, when they were young.

Once on a super windy day, scaring the bejebees out of their momma.

They won’t see in person, how huge and full that tree was, so full that all 4 of them could be in it, I could be looking right at the tree and NOT see any of them!

We won’t show Isaac’s future wife


We won’t be able to show Isaac’s future wife the tree that he thought he could parachute out of with a single wal-mart plastic bag.

Our grandchildren won’t get to play in the same tree their Momma’s and Daddy’s played in as a child.

We will only be able to recount the memories,  and oh what good memories they were.

Next spring we’ll plant a white pine in it’s place.  One that should grow old and live a long time, that the beetles won’t eat because it’s native to our area.


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