Why Worry? God’s Got It.

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Hello Ladies!  In my opinion this has been the best chapter of the book!


Because this is more of what my expectation was for this study before it started.

I’m going to be quite honest. Up to this point, I haven’t gotten much out of this study.  In fact, there were a couple of weeks that this study put me back in the pit of despair and hopelessness.   Taking me back to things I had handed over to God a VERY long time ago.   Almost every week, I decide to put the book down, and be done with it but then I think,  ” ‘Everyone else’  is getting so much out of this study, I wonder what I’m missing.” So I pick it up and continue.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I’m just at a different place (not better or worse) in my walk than those that are being touched by this book.

However, this week,  Renee was spot on!

I LOVE the reminder to set a D.A.T.E. with God.

Do I do this EVERY day?  Truth be told, no.  But this reminder has me back in the word more days that I have been at other times in my walk with the Lord.

I LOVE  the statement: “boss your heart around by reminding it to remember who God is– and how good he is at being God.

One of our pastors recently talked about “self-talk” when Satan throws those ugly things at you, you remind him of the truth.  This fits wonderfully with Renee’s charge to boss my heart around.

I LOVE  Stop worrying.   Start praying.  Keep thanking God.

I LOVE the “worry robs us” statements on page 164.

Worry robs us physically, it leaves us exhausted

Worry robs us emotionally, leaving us anxious

Worry robs us mentally, leaving us scattered

Worry robs us spiritually, leaving us depleted

When I am drawing close to God, I am less likely to worry.  I am more likely to remember that God’s got my worry covered.  I am more likely to remember what a Great and Awesome God we serve.  The one that created ALL things, certainly can handle my little ole worry.

However, let’s face it, sometimes we just CAN’T stop worrying!  For several years I was ill (I’ve written about it previously here,   and here.  No matter how often, I begged and pleaded with God.  No matter how loud or how mad I got that God wasn’t “fixing” me I COULD NOT stop worrying, stop getting angry, etc.  However, as my health has improved,  my level of worry, anger, etc. has decreased significantly.

low vitamin D levels and low levels of  high EPA Omega 3,  or an out of whack thyroid can absolutely affect a persons level of worry. 

I strongly encourage you, if you are a chronic worrier, to consider having those three health issues checked out.  Both can be done by a simple blood test.  I think* Omega 3’s can also be done by a blood test, but that is not how I got started taking them.  (BTW, high EFA/DHA fish oil also helps with foggy thinking–at my age, that’s a nice benefit, lol).

Getting these three health issues under control can be very easy, adding a vitamin D3 supplement, High EPA fish oil, and/or adding iodine or a prescription med to your routine is a very simple solution.   Even Psychology Today agrees that  adding a high EPA fish oil to your diet could help with anxiety/worry. 

I pray this post will be an encouragement to you.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I echo these sentiments. ❤ thank you so much for this blessing from your heart. Well-said and heartfelt, not to mention resourceful, you are serving and honoring God in a wonderful way. I look forward to digging in some more. Here's to kicking worry to the curb!


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