2014 One Word – Serve

I’ve seen this “One Word” thing around the blog world and around FB this week, but wasn’t quite sure what it was about or if I wanted to participate.

I happened across a blog today that linked to the originator of the concept.  Instead of making New Years Resolutions, this writer encourages people to just chose one word to focus on for the year. 

I think it’s an excellent idea!   I didn’t have to think for long before God gave me my word for the year.


Those of you who know me, may say that “serve” doesn’t seem like a word I need to work on.  I am hospitality chair for our church.  I am ready to jump in when someone needs assistance if I can.  I want to help where ever I can, when ever I can. 

Except at home.

There I said it.

At home, I can be downright ugly to those around me. 
At home, sometimes I am lazy.

At home, sometimes I expect others to serve me instead of me serving others.

In fact, sometimes I get downright angry if one of the children doesn’t do what I ask when I ask, when I ask, how I ask it to be done.  Instead of humbling myself and serving them, by doing whatever it was without a word, I sometimes go of stomping and huffing and puffing  and do “it” myself! 

So my word for the year is


I will serve my family more often. 

I will not be lazy when there are things to do. 

I WILL make myself get up from the couch and DO it!

I WILL get up from the computer when I’ve spent too much time here!

I will not get frustrated when the opportunity to serve my family presents itself.

And I WILL NOT complain about serving my family!

Oh Lord, God please help me as I make this commitment to serve my family humbly, without complaint.  I pray that I will glorify you this year through serving my family with YOUR attitude of gratefulness instead of my attitude of selfishness.  In Jesus Name, Amen!



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